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Pins and needles

Hi guys. Since my first relapse (Jan 2018) I have suffered with nerve damage causing pins and needles to my legs and feet, my second relapse causing pins and needles to both hands. Things such as exercise and heat can obviously exacerbate the tingling making it more prominent and discomforting, but has anyone experienced a temporary worsening for no reason? I can almost feel the pins and needles radiating out of me, causing deep discomfort and sometimes worry, often for a few hours at a time. Thanks all x

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9 months ago

Pins &Needlrs are so common with ms that’s it difficult to ascertain how bad or permanent it is. Really bad ones in my left hand & arm are one of my relapse signs If it doesn’t go away in 2/3 hours I know it’s not just a hiccup in the system and I need to get some help quickly, but we are all so different that until you know what’s ‘normal’ for you – I’m an old codger and have had the beast for 25 years so I know what’s normal for me, so until you have the same experience, you won’t know. I’m guessing that you’re fairly newly diagnosed and therefore things have shill to settle down😍

9 months ago

Well Not for “no reason” but I do frequently, several times a week, get numbness and tingling in areas where I had it for an extended period of time before. Heat, physical exertion, and stress bring it on for me. To be honest it doesn’t bother me that much anymore. I basically just ignore it now.

9 months ago

@milliepipkins , as has been said above, there are various reasons for these symptoms to exacerbate.

It could well be “your body talking to you”, to let you know that it’s not happy about something, e.g. heat, tired, stress, etc.. Another reason for symptoms to worsen is when the body is trying to deal with an infection, e.g. a UTI. Anything which activates our compromised immune systems can cause a “pseudo-exacerbation”, a temporary worsening of symptoms until the infection is cleared.

The other thing is that you will notice these things more when there are limited, or no, mental stimulation, e.g. at night. Then there’s nothing to distract you from it.

9 months ago

That makes a lot of sense, thank you all. I am suffering with an infection at the moment and the last couple of months I have had one infection after another. Hopefully I will be infection-free soon enough!
Hope everyone is well 🙂

9 months ago

Hello @milliepipkins, infections great and small can have a huge impact on us so that it becomes impossible to tell what’s a relapse, what’s a flare up, what a new symptom might be, or what an exacerbation feels like. Really try and focus on healthy living, regular quality sleep and moderate exercise x

9 months ago

Me too pins and needles drive me cazy.
So annoying. I move about shaking hands and always right leg.
I suffer from pins and needle when tried or been driving for a long period of time.
Stay positive.

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