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Paresthesia (tingles) in my hands

Morning all,

just wondering if anyone can offer any words of wisdom. i was diagnosed back in May/June this year with R&R MS after a legion on my spinal cord was discovered and a small bout of optic neuritis to confirm the diagnosis – the parathesia has been present since January this year and was throughout my body but has now “settled” into my forarms and hands and it is there constantly – i work in a call centre and use a keyboard and mouse all day – my work have been great allowing me more time when the “tingles” flare up but there is no specific trigger for this as flare up happen even on my day off when im not tapping away at the keys all day. I have tried two different pills for these symptoms; Pregabalin and Dyloxitine both of which had no relief from the symptoms – i am currently waiting to see if any other meds are available in the UK – haven’t went down the CBD route as im unsure of the legalities of this or where to even start with potentially acquiring this…

Any suggestions to potentially help me with some relief would be massivley appricated
Hope everyone is well.

Thanks in advance



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1 year ago

Hi Jack,

Unfortunately I don’t have an answer for you but I am in a very similar boat, I have had permanent tingles in my hands and feet for almost 2 years now and I also have to work on a keyboard & mouse all day, it doesn’t make life easy! I do wear wrist supports and I have a decent wrist rest which I find helps a bit but as far as I’m aware, there’s no way to totally get back to normal.

Regarding CBD oil, it is now perfectly legal in the UK, you can buy it in Holland and Barrett although I’ve heard there stuff isn’t the best and you’re better off buying online at somewhere like I find it helps with my anxiety attacks but haven’t noticed any changes in the tingling from it unfortunately. I would recommend trying it, the effects vary from person to person and you will probably see some sort of benefit but it’s by no means a miracle cure I’m afraid

1 year ago

@jack Hi Jack, I didn’t realise that I have paraesthesia until I read your post and it made me think about it. I was diagnosed with relapsing/remitting MS at the age of 23yrs-I am now 60 yrs and am going to see if my consultant can prescribe me Sativex to see if it will help with paraesthesia and tremors. I am also taking prescribed amytriptiline and this helps me to sleep at night. My ms has now moved on to secondary progressive with no attacks, I have also heard that cannabis oil can be helpful so I add a few drops to my E cigarettes along with the vape oil. But you would need to consult your ms nurses.

Good luck and stay well

1 year ago

@jack_morien , here’s some detail about the treatments for Paresthesia :-

It’s very much a case of finding the right medication for you AND at what dosage.

You could also try one of those squeeze stress balls, to give you hand muscles a workout and see if that helps.

CBD is a legal supplement, produced from the hemp plant. It comes at varying strengths and varying cost.

Then there is CBD that originates from Cannabis. This article, with links, may help you on this subject :-

1 year ago

I also have this residual tingling in my hands since my relapse – what has helped me :

Going to acupuncture / relaxing helped my come off the Gabopentin I was taking . Stress and having hot hands always makes it more noticeable.

I now keep my hands cool if at all possible and also keep my diet as anti inflammatory as far as I can ?

I am no longer on any drugs / pain killers for this symptom.

1 year ago

@jack I use CBD from cannabis. The CBD in hemp is the same as CBD in cannabis just varying amounts between plants. Hemp CBD is just not a strong enough % to a real noticable effect. In my opinion anyway.

Look up Alternative Choices online. The oil I use is extremly high in CBD and extremly low in THC (stuff that gets you stoned) so there’s no high.

I take it twice a day regardless and extra if I’m fatigued or feel a twinge of any kind. It also lifts a mood if you’re feeling a bit down. You notice a difference within minutes. Can’t recommend it enough xx

1 year ago


I’ve had tingling in my hand for well over a year now. It has got better than it was so maybe it will just take some time for your body to recover from some of the damage.

The tingling was my first symptom and they thought it was carpal tunnel since I worked with a keyboard all day. I did have nerve conduction tests but my diagnosis came before the results of my tests believe it or not so I never went for the results. Maybe I should have as suppose it could be other things causing tingling and not just MS.

I haven’t had any drugs as my neuro said side effects would probably be worse than the tingling.

I do hand exercises which maybe make it a little bit worse for a while but think it has helped. Maybe gaining more strength in my hand or something?

It could just be taking its time to go away, hopefully it will over time. Some damage is permanent but suppose we adjust to it eventually.

All the best x

1 year ago

I’m wondering if the tingling might respond to lifestyle changes. You’re very newly diagnosed and your body will still be in the adjustment phase. I don’t think there are clever shortcuts to this adjustment – it’s a question of finding what suits the MS and quietens it down. What we know is that MS will flare with stress and definitely doesn’t like ‘extreme living’. Late nights, poor sleep, anxiety, poor diet are all likely to contribute to symptoms. The calmer the body, the better chance you’re giving the brain to cope with MS damage. So – have a look at how you could improve your lifestyle. Neuros are now saying that the positive effect of exercise might even equal the the effect of a DMT – trouble is, unless you’re a natural athlete, the thought of it all may be deeply unappealing! A good place to start might be yoga, Pilates or swimming. All these will not only give a full body workout but will help with stress levels. My own experience of tingling is that it’s like a barometer of my physical state: lack of sleep, over-excitement, over-indulgence and stress turn this symptom on like a tap! xx

1 year ago

thank you all for responding, i appreciate all the advice, as for the latest replay from @cameron, i have made significant changes to my lifestyle since my diagnosis – changed my diet significantly and i am steadily losing weight. I admit i am a night owl and always have been… i have now limited myself to 1 maybe 2 nights a week where i will be up hammering the Xbox with the boys and the rest of the week i and my wife are pushing me to get good night sleep, this has been the hardest changes tbh!! I love gaming! I am trying to do more exercise but as you said if im not a natural athlete this is somewhat difficult, im trying cycling and swimming but with the ongoing symptoms they seem to be more of a hindrance that a help, gripping handlebars is near painful and the feeling of water on my skin is one if the worst, showering is the biggest chore/discomfort of the day and im in and out in minutes 🙁 – as for yoga and Pilates let’s just say im not the most bendy of people and my naturally plump all year round stature doesn’t really allow for this lol 😉

hopefully my MS nurse may come back to me with some more science options but i don’t know, i have already accepted the fact that these symptoms may never go away which was/is a tough pill to swallow. After doing some research i have found some products (CBD) im going to try as there is no harm in trying.

Thanks again to all,
Its always nice to know and hear advice from people who understand more than the professionals.


1 year ago

Yes, it’s just not that easy to make life adjustments, despite all the advice and self-help groups around. But I still think you are jumping the gun by assuming that how you feel now is how you are always going to feel. You are only a few months into this diagnosis. You don’t mention being on a DMD, which of course would be another tool in the armoury. Have you decided against treatment? x

1 year ago

No I’m on treatment, I’m on tecfidera, although my diagnosis was only in may/June I’ve been suffering with the symptoms since January maybe I am jumping the gun. Guess I’ve always been a pessimist, expect the worst and be occasionally surprised when it’s not 🙂

1 year ago

It took around six years before I felt fully in control of symptoms. Up to that time I had various visits to symptom clinics and felt in the ‘anything could happen’ category. The settling of all this was the product of gradual changes to lifestyle, better fitness and, ultimately, retirement from work. Mind and body work together – I’m a lot calmer than I used to be, and I guess that’s helped a lot. I’ll always be on anti-depressants, though! xx

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