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Pain Management

I agree not a very joyful subject but nevertheless I need to this in place. I am in sheer agony unless I am drunk, any advice on meds for my condition would be so welcome. It makes me feels so sad when I see the beautiful faces of the young. So sad.

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2 years ago

Hi @tessb…..I’m really sorry to read your post. I see on shiftms that MSers mention canabis oil. Is that something you’d try?? If I was in pain – I certainly would. As to being so sad, looking at the faces of the young – don’t dwell on it; they have their lives (futures unknown ) – we have ours ( futures unknown ) live in the moment, enjoy what you HAVE got ( don’t waste effort on what you haven’t got ), and try to lay of the drink – it can be a depressive!
It’s tough!!! Xx

2 years ago

@tessb , in this day and age, no-one should be in pain.

Contact your MS Nurse and discuss pain management with them.

2 years ago

I take cannabis at night for pain it works within seconds.

2 years ago

Hi @tessb,
I have bad pain too and for me its been one of my worse symptoms. At one point i would have gladly had my legs removed. I also have pain in my arms.
I take gabapentin for the pain and baclofen for my leg spasms. Ive had to adjust my dose over the past few months as it was making me really sleepy. I still have some pain but its not as bad.
I agree with the others…contact your local MS nurse for support.
Take care x

2 years ago

Hi, the emails and support on here are really comforting, haven’t been diagnosed just yet, seeing my neurologist this Wednesday. My mother had MS and never once cried out in pain. My pain is so severe that I wish I could die sometimes. My medication is confusing and I am confused, I have to fight for absolutely everything which is draining and making want to sleep all day and all night. This is a living hell.

2 years ago

I want to add something else please if I may, why is it I have to fight every medical professional for help, as I very sick person why should I have to be verbally abused by a member of a pharmacy team. I really think that the World has lost touch with compassion and humanity. We need gentle care, loving care and help.

I live by myself and have to fight for anything, I am not allowed to drive at all really and forget where I am going yet I am expected to remember everything, chase, re-chase and sometimes it is all too much.

Society needs to be made aware of our suffering and the hurdles we are expected to “jump” over everyday of our lives, I am sick of it. There is no help for a person of my age and this simply is not good enough. I asked to go in to residential care and I am too young, so where are the facilities for us?

2 years ago

@tessb , nobody should be suffering pain in this day and age.

Hopefully, your Neuro will be able to give you some ideas to manage the situation going forward. It would be nice to think that you would get a diagnosis and be assigned an MS Nurse, who may be able to deal with some of the problems that you are experiencing.

Medical professionals can be frustrating. But, we do have to put our foot down and demand answers or access to other services. However, these people may be having a bad day too. So, be assertive but always be polite. Also, a smile can help get your way.

Let us know how you get on at your appointment on Wednesday.

2 years ago

Hi, sorry but there is no excuse for rudeness and bullying and that is all I get from my surgery, I have two other serious medical issues as well as this and would like some help. I was shouted at then she put the phone down on me when I started to cry. These people are not suitable for some of these jobs. Really, the is the reality of so called care here in the UK.

2 years ago

@tessb, there is no excuse for rudeness. I know these people are under pressure, but aren’t we all!

Practice receptionists seem to be a breed apart, but they are the Doctor’s first line of defence.

Have a word with the Practice Manager. Suggest that you’d like to find a better way that you can all work together.

Just a suggestion………..

1 year ago

I can recommend Pregabalin for pain i.e. it worked for me. It also is good for anxiety which may help in dealing with some of the anger and frustration. I have no idea how you go about it but when I read your obvious annoyance the word advocacy came to mind. What you want is the best care for yourself but in my experience, it doesn’t help to yell at staff however justified. I think it helps to express feelings of anger but it doesn’t achieve the outcome you want in the hospital setting. Early on in my M.S, I use to drive along A roads with the volume fully up and scream at the top of my voice. I found this hugely cathartic. I am not suggesting you do this but anger is a part of this condition in my opinion and needs to find a home somewhere, an appropriate one that doesn’t harm anything of course.

I think the previous comment around assertiveness is good. However, I appreciate that it is not always easy to know how to go about it e.g ask the right questions, know what your position is e.t.c

Re-reading your messages, I am not surprised you’re angry, the pain seems to figure largely. I feel for you and hope you can ameliorate some of that soon. I wish you the very best.

1 year ago

I take co-codamol 30/500 and it seems to work well enough for me.

5 months ago

I take Gabapentina regularly, and Tramadol when the pain goes up. Given that Tramadol is an opioid, I’m a bit chary, about developing a strong dependence.

5 months ago

Control of common symptoms (mainly pain control) is an area of great interest to me. More so since pain became such a major part of my life. Pain is a symptom of a condition. The first priority is to try and treat the condition.

I note the comments concerning dependence. Firstly, I think a bit of clarity is required. If something relieves a symptom, you naturally depend on it for that reason. There is nothimg wrong with that. What I think is the real concern is addiction (dependence without a legitimate need). This is a legitimate concern.

Opioids should never be used without first considering alternatives. However, if opioids are prescribed correctly, addiction should not be a concern. Very often, a combination of drugs is used and reduces the dosage requirements. One possible example is Amitriptyline (usually at night), Pregabalin and an analgesia (possibly an opioid).

There is a very clear distinction between dependence and addiction. If you take an opioid for severe pain and it relieves the pain, it is clearly doing it’s job. It is important to match the dosage to the level of pain. You do not want to be taking more than is required to alleviate the pain. Another factor is making sure that you do not allow the pain to grow severe. It takes more to stop existing pain than to keep pain at bay (or, tolerable). Interestingly, when used correctly, opioid addiction rarely occurs, as it is only being used to match the pain. Many of us have had surgery. Quite often, when there is the likelihood of severe post-operative pain, you are given opioids during and after surgery. It is very rare for this to result in addiction. Taking opioids when they are not required is where addiction occurs. It is important to note that long term use can result in increased dosages as the body becomes used to the drug. This is when your physician should consider changing or, modifying your pain control.

Doctors are very experienced in dealing with treatment of common symptoms. However, when the symptoms become more severe, you will usually be referred to a pain control specialist. There are also other treatments that can be very effective, that are not drug based, which can be used on their own or, in conjunction with drug therapy.

4 months ago

They say to avoid drinking and smoking. Tbh I’ve managed my pain during my flare ups in the past with the typical go to herb. Not practical in my legal profession. Since massively reducing that usage I have found the following helpful for the long run for my pain, bi weekly massages, yoga, legal herbal relief and praying(meditation is good if you’re agnostic or atheist).
It’s the last thing you want to hear when in agony but mind over matter. Force yourself to tolerate it but then again everyone’s MS is different as is their pain threshold.

4 months ago


Not really something for many people. I knew of someone (wife of an ex-oppo of mine) who could only manage the pain by drinking.

She changed to smoking decent dope (NOT the nasty hydro grown skunk that UK organised crime grows in illicit locations).

These days there are many. Less harmful ways to inhales burt (but not smoked) cannabis. The high feeling that roughly equates to the drunk feeling come from the THC – delta-9 tetrahydracannibinol to be exact 🙂 – and with CBD oil this is taken out.

I am not advocating breaking the law – perish the thought – but it is my understanding that places like MS therapy centres where pwMS gather l, then information about discreet and reliable sources is shared.

It is a thought.

4 months ago


Im so sorry you are suffering like this. I can totally relate. My pain ( and nagging gps to the point that the receptionist know my name) caused me to collect alot of different pain meds and it can be stressful even deciding which to take and ” what if it doesnt work” and ” what time did i take that gain?” its like having to be your medical advisor. but just ring the docs up if u cant go in , they know what to do they give you more range of pain relief as you need it.
Its veryy confusing at first especially when u have to deal with med side effects but eventually you find out what works. It abit of trial and error really.

Stay strong xx

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