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What does everyone use for the burning horrible pain? I haven’t had much sleep this past week. I have a 13 month who wants to cry out in his sleep every 10-15 mins. My legs were so bad I cried and got sick this morning. I can usually deal with the pain take Motrin.. or my NRF2 (which I ran out of and am waiting for a new shipment in the mail) usually it helps so much. But lately with lack of sleep the burning has been so bad. I have a very high pain tolerance. (So much that I asked for Tylenol during the birth of my son when most as for an epidural.) so you can imagine the pain I was experiencing.
I really do not want to take prescription medication so is there anything natural people have tried? Prescription meds, I feel as though you need more meds to treat the side effects of the that you’re taking and then end up with a cocktail of medication.
Any suggestions would help.


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7 months ago

Not all prescription meds have side effects.
I take baclofen for the spastcity, works well for me.
And Pregabilin for the nerve burning pain.
For me at least they have no side effects other than making me feel slightly more human.
Hope you find something soon.

7 months ago

I tried baclofen. It made me feel off. I’ll look into pregabilin. Thank you for the suggestion.

7 months ago

Have you tried Gabapentin? It’s specifically for nerve pain. I only take it when the tingling and pain gets unbearable.

7 months ago

Me neither I haven’t had much sleep this month it’s roasting here in Saudi Arabia
I feel my brain melting and when I turn ac its too cold lol
Last night 12 mid night my one of my eyes was red like burning coal with migraine hardly slept and vertigo if I lay back can’t life up my head

But im not big fan of pain killers/antidepressants
Haven’t had any for ms in 15 yrs I rather wait until it passes 😕 could be worse

7 months ago

@linda_tillman you say you take it only when the pain is there? My doctor told me gabopantin/pregabalin cannot be taken on a prn basis and I would need to take it full time for it to have effect?

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