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Hi Friends,

In 2017 I was diagnosed with mild ms, only had 2 lesions on cervical spine.
I was told i didn’t qualify for DMD’s because i’d only had one relapse, optic neurtis.

Then 6 months later my hands both went numb, and it felt like i couldn’t open and close my hands properly and my hands felt sore and like sand paper. It took about six months for my hands to regain some sort of normality.

This is when i was diagnosed, i now have residual symptoms left from this relapse and suffer form heat intorence also , and lately i went through another flare my left side arm, hand, legs went numb and i have a weakness in this side, which spread out into my right side, but it’s the left which is not working properly, i was given steriods about 4 weeks ago, which i’m not sure have helped me.

I had another MRI on cervical spine to see if any activity has changed , i’m waiting for results, my neurologist wants me to start on Copoxone, as it’s RRMS.

With RRMS can you have a constant weakness, pain, numbness, body shakes and my inside feel like they are being cooked all the time or will this flare up go away and calm down , it’s been going on consistantley for about 3 months.

I’ve been taking amitriptyline, which has dumbed some of the symptoms down but not entirely.

I hoping this relapse will go into remission and this DMD that i’m about to start and prevent and further damage.

This is all new to me really.

Julze x

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10 months ago

@julze , mild MS is like being a little bit pregnant! You have MS or you don’t. Or perhaps your Neuro has a crystal ball that they use……..

Copaxone is one of the first MS treatments. It is used as a first-line treatment, by conservative Neuros, whereas more proactive Neuros have adopted the “hit it hard, hit it fast” approach, using the latest and more effective treatments.

So, you might want to question the rationale behind this treatment choice.

MS relapses can leave us with residual damage, which we have to manage as best we can. Do keep using any muscles which have become weak. A little, moderate exercise is always recommended.

The recent Steroids will be still be working with your body for another few weeks. But, you do need to rest up to allow the recovery to occur.

10 months ago

Thanks for your message, right i see i’m from Shropshire near Ludlow, in the middle of now where. Is Copaxone not very effective or because its cheap to prescribe. What other effective DMD’s are recommended for early stages MS. This is all new to me. thank you

10 months ago

@julze , early stage MS is a good time to start with the most effective treatments, to try and prevent any further MS damage.

There’s a lot of information about the available treatments here :-

10 months ago

I agree with stumbler, exercise is important. When I was diagnosed I had horrible pains in my legs. At first I would just lay around when that happened. One night I said, sc re e the pain and got on my elliptical. 30 min later my legs felt better! Also, when i feel like in cooking inside i drink ice water. It helps immensely. Good luck!

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