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optic neuritis & rrms

hi guys,
i hope your all doing well in these stressful times ! i was just wondering has anyone else experienced pain in the same eye they had an episode of optic neuritis in? i had it the other day in the left eye (previous relapse of optic neurtis) my vision was fine but it hurt like crazy ! it this normal ?

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2 months ago

@a_girls_gotta_eat , when you say you “had it the other day”, was this treated or did it just go away?

It sounds like this may be a “little niggle”, i.e. your MS letting you know that she’s in control! (I say “”she” as MS must have a female personality!). So, it may be your MS letting you know it’s not happy with something you’re doing or have going in in your life. We have to listen to these messages and react accordingly.

It would be worthwhile letting your MS Nurse know about this latest development.

1 month ago

Yep, my eye that I had ON in late last year has like a ‘ghost’ pain which is sometimes mild and sometimes actually really bad. Sorry that you’re having this too. I also have a similar level pain in the eye which wasn’t affected with my ON relapse which always freaks me out a bit as obviously I worry that it’s going to start up in my other eye. Since my episode of ON was horrifically painful and my sight never fully recovered, I live in dread of this but it just seems to rumble around; sometimes it’s there sometimes it not. Horrible. Poor you too @a_girls_gotta_eat Take care PPS x

1 month ago

Hi, sorry to hear about your painful eye. I can totally sympathize – I had a nasty bout of ON in 2010 and had to wear an eyepatch so I could still function and yes it was very painful, spreading across my face. My eyesight recovered a bit but I do still have pain in that eye, sorted with an ever increasing dose of gabapentin (which on the whole does help). Wishing you well ⭐️

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