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Optic Neuritis, optic nerves and when to contact someone medical!

So, I was originally diagnosed in 2010 following an attach of ON in my left eye. My sight in that eye has got progressively worse, and in the 6 months since my last eye test there’s been a big deterioration again. I’m not sure what I should do in this case – should I go back and get another eye test (is there any point in this considering the fact I think it’s the nerve which is causing the problems rather than the lense, although I don’t know this for sure), should I go to the MS nurse (I have my annual appointment to see the neuro in September) or should I go to a GP to explain the eye problem and hope he might direct me to an ophthalmologist? Or none of the above?

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8 years ago

Hi Jep,
I would definitely talk to your MS nurse or ask your GP to refer you to an eye hospital or opthalmologist. They may be able to give you steroids. Optic neuritis was my first symptom of MS too, and I’ve had it several times since, I know how scary it can be.
Take care,
D x

8 years ago

I’ve had steroids but my ON has persisted, if not gotten worse….excuse my language but it’s pissing me RIGHT off!!!!!! My consultant referred me for visual evoked potential’s but this was a month ago and still not heard anything re: an appointment. Don’t even know what the results will mean or if they’ll have any significance?!! I can tell them I can’t see without another flipping brain scan!!!

8 years ago

I have had ON a few times, I was on IV steroids followed by reducing oral steroids for the first couple of cases. Eyesight got worse at first, but did clear up.. eventually! I have perfect vision now. The steroids speed up the relapse, so sometimes it does get worse before better, but it’s so frustrating when it’s your sight! Personally I would call MS nurse and mention it, find out what they think your next step should be and perhaps go from there. Hope you get sorted soon!!

8 years ago

Ok, thanks! I’ll give the nurse a ring tomorrow 🙂

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