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One day at a time.

Hi, new to the group. Was diagnosed in 2014, the Neurologist told me I have had MS most of my life but wasn’t found until my eye exam. Spinal tap confirmed it. At first I was scared, but finally accepted it. I was tired all the time, went on Copaxzone but didn’t really help. Since 2014 I slowly lost control of my bladder, sometimes my bowels, and now in a wheelchair. I have started having hand tremors, and full body spasms. They hurt. Still positive and my husband is a great help.

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5 months ago

Hi @vanessabuchanan and welcome to our exclusive club! We’ve all got stories to tell but they will wait for another time. Ask anything you like, someone here will have the answer😜🤙

5 months ago

Welcome to our group. Bowel and bladder issues are common with MS. You are not alone. You need to develop strategies that work for you. I limit myself to one cup of coffee daily. One tablespoon of Metamucil (original texture) and one probiotic tab. This keeps me regular which makes life easier. Learn your body. I go at first signal to avoid accidents. Limit fluid intake when traveling. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Not the good old days when things were automatic. Now you have to drive.

5 months ago

Hi @vanessabuchanan and welcome.

5 months ago

Thank you all for welcoming me into this group. I finally feel like now I have someone to talk to that truly understands .

5 months ago

Hello @vanessagbuchanan, yes, this invasion of our bodies is a real bind, so it’s all
about us looking at ways to minimise our stressful things, and learn to understand our bodies. Keep up to date with new medications in the pipeline for SPMS. Great that your husband is great! Lots of support here for you too 🙂

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