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Can any one explain why my MS appears worst at night once in bed.
Usually, right side sharpe aches and pins/needles. In fingers, ribs cage, leg and foot.
This has been ongoing for 10 months.

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8 months ago

Maybe tge weather gets too cold at night
I believe weather effects MS so much as for me in Saudi Arabia I feel worse during the day and its probablyy because of the heat
I feel like I walk on slow mition

8 months ago

My neuro didn’t explain to me why symptoms were worse at night but he said they probably would be. Potter

8 months ago

Check your pillows. Seriously. I was getting problems, saw my Osteopath and he suggested reducing to the minimum pillow I could cope with – helped a lot.
Hope it gets easier. 🙂

7 months ago

@jolea , MS symptoms aren’t worse at night, they’re just more noticeable.

It’s the lack of other stimuli that’s the problem. Your ears and eyes aren’t capturing information that needs processing, so your brain focuses on your MS symptoms.

Amitriptyline can help. It’s used for neuropathic pain, but it also works as a bit of a knock out drug. Just make sure you take it no later than 12 hours before you intend to wake the next day.

A white noise generator might also possibly help………….

7 months ago


That sucks. As @stumbler says they are usually more noticeable as you have little else to focus on.

They can be exacerbated by posture. The electrical buzzing sensation I get in my left leg can often be amplified when I lie on my back. Feels extraordinarly strong at times. You do get used to it.

There is a difference between symptoms that are annoying (buzzing) and painful. Personally, I tried Gabapentin for pain and it didn’t work as it wiped me out. I take Duloxetine now and it hasn’t occured since. Another tough thing with MS is that it may have been going to stop anyway so it is impossible to be definitive in saying the Duloxetine worked. It is likely though as it is 6 month since I styarted and there hasn’t been a reoccurence of nightime pains, so bad they kept me awake all night.

We all experience MS differently and as time passes you get more used to and better able to ignore some of the stuff. It can also be transient. Over the last 25y I have had episodes of buzzing in my left ear. At first I wanted to claw my ear off, then it just stopped. These days, if it happens, I barely notice it.

You’ll get more accustomed to things and they’ll be less of a surprise.

Good luck.

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