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Newly diagnosed

Hello all. My vision was suddenly like the drunk spins back in September and wouldn’t go away. After being in the hospital for 6 days I discovered I had MS. I just recently got started on generic Copaxone injections. I seem to be getting these big lumps where I inject my medicine and they’re itchy. They seem to go away after a week or so. Any advice on how to not get those or make them go away faster?

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6 months ago

Hi Lindsey, so sorry about the diagnosis but welcome to the club! Not on Copaxone but had Avonex injections weekly for 23 yrs. the sites did settle down after a while but I must admit that a change to Tecfidera this year, (2tablets a day in stead of a weekly injection) what a joy. You’re still very early on, so sit back, have a cuppa, relax and don’t stress, stress is the worst thing for ms, it’s a killer so relax. I’m one of the old codgers, had the beast for 25 years, still here, still fighting, keep positive. I hate to say this, but you’ve picked a good time to be dxd if ever there was a good time, there are so many DMT’s available which there wasn’t 25 years ago, so if one really doesn’t suit you can always change. We’re always here for a natter, a moan, a cry, a celebration, whatever floats your boat and remember there is no such thing as a silly question with ms😇😍

6 months ago

Hi @lindsey_cotherman and welcome.

Injection site reactions can be a problem on Copaxone. This has been the subject of many previous posts.

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6 months ago

I was on Rebif for 5 years and had the same goose egg lumps that got infected. I had to inject only in my arm and my stomach. I started having problems with the fluid going into the layer of fat. Fortunately Tecfidera was on the market and I switched to it. I have been on it for 6 years. I have had only one relapse and I believe it was because I was doing to much. I was taking care of my elderly mother-law. Potter

6 months ago

I’ve had bern on rebef and its been painfully unbearable Its similar to your treatment.
I’ve been on it for a year or teo lost loads of weight on my thighs or maybe its the MS.
For now stick to that im not sure if putting ice on it is allowed or would even help.

6 months ago

I was on Copaxone for about 6 years, and had big red lumps nearly all the time. I had to switch to Avonex in the end, as I had atrophy at all the injection sites.

Copaxone is attractive from the point of view of side-effects – if you can tolerate the injection reactions. On the other hand, there are more effective treatments these days without any injections at all! I wonder if you’re aware of all the possibilities?

6 months ago


Hi Lindsey

I’m Diabetic as well as having SPMS so I know all about the importance of changing injection sites to avoid getting the darn lumps and bumps.

The lumps are caused by injecting in to an area previously used, avoid this by moving the injection site a few inches away from the previous one or even better choose a different limb.

That is if you are injecting in to limbs of course.

4 months ago

I try to switch injection sites but I have always gotten the lumps since I started using it. I do my stomach and my legs. I would do my arms but its impossible to reach.

4 months ago

I had to stop Copaxone for exactly the same reasons that you describe.

There are many newer and more effective – and safe, despite what some people seem to think – treatments out there now.

It is well worth asking your neuro why you shouldn’t have one of these.


I was diagnosed in December 2012 with RRMS. I’ve been using Copaxone for just over 3 years now had major problems with the lumps like you mentioned especially in my thigh or the back of my arm (who would think it would be so painful when u have massive bingo wings??)
I find if I warm the area for about 5,10 minutes first it really helps make the injection easier (I use a mini water bottle perfect size 😊)
I still get a dead arm that hurts all day but no lumps anymore, yay!
Hope that helps it’s such a rubbish disease!

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