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New to all this. 😏

Good morning. It started with the loss of vision in my eye. Many appointments at the eye clinic and MRI. Eye consultant said it is a high possibility I have MS. I attend a GP appointment who confirmed it was MS, and has now referred me too neurology. How long does this take? Feel a little in limbo tbh. Its probably taking time as I am pregnant. I have read up as much as I can about symptoms, but as there is no clear symptoms as it all differs from person to person. Tired, fatigued, forgetting words, pins and needles I’m guessing is a symptom of the MS and not the pregnancy. Just needing advice really and to hear people’s story’s. Sorry it’s a long post, just need to speak to like minded people. X many thanks.

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8 months ago

gillian, as you say it is different for everyone, there are of course common symptoms and I am sure very soon there will be people on here giving you sites to visit bit the first thing to take on board is that all will be fine, there will be limitations and things to avoid but we are all coping I write a monthly blog and really started off in the dark and to a degree still avoid reading facts as I learn from fellow sufferers and listen to my own body.
Welcome to this site and trust me, there will be plenty of factual answers but also listen to your consultant and MS nurse, good luck

8 months ago

Thank you. I feel I was just given the news and left to it. No advice, no referral, and no one I can talk to about it. Like I said, in limbo.

8 months ago

Hi and welcome to the club.
It would seem as if you have the symptoms of ms but it may be a lot of other things.
In order to get a full diagnosis of ms you have to meet the McDonald criteria .
An MRI of your brain and spine.
And a lumbar puncture.
All of which have to show damage caused by ms.
As you’ve already said that your pregnant at the moment, I’m guessing that’s kinda slowed the diagnosis process right down.
You never know it could be something other than ms.
That’s why they take awhile. Don’t want to give you the wrong diagnosis.
I’m sure you’ll get more info soon from a females perspective as I’m An uneducated bumbling man I defer to the ladies who know way more than me.
Welcome again.

8 months ago


Hi and welcome to the site.

All of what you describe are all symptoms of MS but, that does not mean that MS is the reason for experiecing them, other factors can come in to play such as other illnesses and conditioins. For example I have Type 1 Diabetes as well as SPMS and for years I was experiencing a lot of symptoms I believed to be my Diabetes acting up but, I have since learned that I was most likely experiencing RRMS without knowing it.

How long does getting a definitive answer take?… Well that all depends on your Neurologist, has he/she wanted you to have a Lumbar Puncture or have more tests at all?.

8 months ago

Thank you all.
I am now waiting on a call back from my closest hospital with a neurology unit, again that has been a week of waiting. [I am very impatient}. The doctor confirmed MS, because of the lesions on the MRI, but I presume because I’m pregnant, they wont offer the lumber puncture until baby is born. So moooore waiting. Arrggghhhhh.

HIGHLANDER, an uneducated bumbling man, {I did laugh at that}, I’m sure your not.

8 months ago

Well that’s what my wife has told me on more than one occasion!
Can’t argue with the boss, but she did mary me to be fair.
And yep your stuck in the hurry up and wait game I’m afraid.
You’ll get there in the end…
Keep smilingπŸ˜ƒ

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