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New here and think i may have RRMS

Hello, three years ago I started having jolts/surges in one side of my face. I would be walking, sitting, or slightly turning. After a short time it started to move to different parts of my body and started being more noticeable, sometimes making me take a second to catch up, like my brain had a short in it. I went to the doctors and they thought maybe it was a pinched nerve. After being prescribed muscle relaxers and taking them for a few weeks, the jolts got worse and the medicine wasn’t helping. I was sent for a scan of my neck and back. The results were normal but i was still having issues, so i was prescribed muscle spasm medicine. After taking that for a short time my symptoms got worse to where i would black out for a few seconds while doing my normal daily things. Once i came to i just no recollection of anything from them my eyes blacked out to the time i could see again. I got an MRI after a blood test possibly pointed to MS. My MRI came back normal and not long after my symptoms went away. Here it is a little over three years later and the symptoms started again about three weeks ago. They are progressing faster than last time and now im paying more attention to all the changes I’ve noticed in the past month or so and it’s worrying. Not only do i have spasms more often then not, i also have noticed over the last month or so my speech has changed. Im forgetting some words and can’t for the life of me remember where i was going with a conversation. My sentences get mumbled together and i sound like I’m not that bright. When in reality I’m pretty well educated. I have ringing in my ears and sometimes it’s like a wall was built next to my ear drum and i can’t hear. I asked my immediate family these last couple of days if anyone knows of MS in our family and i got all no’s. I called my mom and asked her and apparently she is getting an MRI in two weeks for possible MS. She has had some issues for sometime and her doctors keep ruling things out. So now they think it could be MS. We went over our symptoms together and it’s like looking in a mirror. After research and noting my symptoms for half a day. I believe I have RRMS. I have an appointment at the end of September, but I’m calling Monday morning to move it up. Just wanted to know if anyone else noticed anything like this before being diagnosed. Ive read so much about people being misdiagnosed for years. And depending on how fast MS moves out could take years for an MRI to shows lesions. Sorry this is so long, I don’t have anyone to talk to and thought I’d try here.

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1 year ago

Hey! Welcome to the forum.

I don’t have any experience with jolting or spasms so I can’t comment much on this part but if your MRI was clear years ago then it could still be and something totally different causing your symptoms.

No one in my family has MS, mines started with numb hand and then a buzzing sensation down my neck.

You are doing the right thing and hopefully you will get answers soon.

Stay positive, if it is MS then there are loads of treatment options now available. It sucks but it isn’t the end, we can stay have normal healthy lives.

Keep us updated and please feel free to post anytime, we know it can be a lonely place at times.

Stay strong x

1 year ago

1)There are no blood test ‘suggestive’ of MS.
2) MS has hundreds of symptoms, more common (optic neuritis, constant numbness, Lhermitte’s etc.) and less, nobody here will tell you what to expect.
3) Clear MRI makes MS really unlikely. Even MRI with some lesions gives you nothing. Diagnosing MS is a combination of symptoms, MRI’s, history, lumbar puncture and rulling out multitudes of other diseases. I mean, when I was diagnosed, there were 3 other people with neuro symptoms and brain lesions who where diagnosed with something completely different than me. I was ‘the lucky one’.

My point is: don’t believe you have MS of any kind, that’s not your job. Go to a good neuro, go to a hospital, do all the test, describe your symptoms and history and be proactive about your healthcare.

Good luck!

1 year ago

Hi @samantha_russell and welcome.

MS is a notoriously difficult condition to diagnose. An understandable situation when you consider how complex our bodies are.

It is the Neuro’s job to “eliminate the probables and investigate the possibles” using their tests, scans, examinations and your clinical history (your symptoms).

A symptom diary ( is worth maintaining, so you can compile a short, concise summary, which you can give to the Neuro.

Keep us updated as you progress……….

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