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New here

I just found this site while searching a symptom I thought may be a relapse. I was diagnosed less than a year ago at 17. I’m sure I had MS long before this because I always felt terrible and ended up at the doctor almost every week where I felt like they thought I was there to get a pass from school. I was even told not to see a neurologist. I’ve been adjusting to this and sometimes it’s hard.

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2 years ago

Hi & welcome to the site. What did you have to get your diagnosis an mri? Also why were you told not to see a neurologist? What symptom are you experiencing? Sorry for all the questions. Take care

2 years ago

Hi @kbug and welcome.

MS is hard for all of us. But, I should imagine that it’s more so for someone of your age, with the majority of their life still ahead of them.

In hindsight, it’s not unusual for us to recount that earlier events were actually related to this diagnosis, but were discounted as isolated issues. A more holistic view may have put the pieces of the jigsaw together at an earlier stage. But, that’s the beauty of hindsight!

Living with this condition can require some adjustment. However, you’re young and you’re already on one of the most effective treatments. So, I would hope that MS would remain as a manageable condition for you.

Just eat healthily, live healthily and try to keep life events in context, to avoid unnecessary stress.

So, what symptoms are you experiencing at the moment, which you think may be related to MS activity?

2 years ago

In response to tish, yes I had an mri along with a lumbar puncture because Lyme disease was suspected from blood work which later was determined to be a false positive. I was on Zoloft for depression/anxiety and my legs started tingling and my primary care told me it was a rare side effect of Zoloft, that went away after a week or so and not long after I had a horrible migraine type thing on the left side of my head which cause the vision in my left eye to depleat. We went to the eye doctor about 2 times and he ran every test he could and said my actual eye was fine, so he referred me to a neurologist and my primary care doctor said that she didn’t think I should go because it’s just another side effect of Zoloft? And it was a waste of time. Obviously it was not. Thankfully I didn’t listen to her advice. And to answer the symptom question, I sometimes have a biting sensation in my leg mostly below my knee, and I know that happens with ms but it’s not constant. Just for a few seconds every now and then throughout the day.

2 years ago

@kbug , sensory symptoms can become a nuisance. However, there is medication available to help. Lots of detail here :-

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