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new appointment of a doctor – Meldonium

Please tell me, the doctor prescribed pills, in addition to those that I already take (vitamin D, vitamin C and omega-3-6-9), Meldonium tablets. I don’t quite understand why, and someone is taking such pills, how do they help and do they help at all?

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7 months ago

I hadn’t heard of this one before and my Neuro doesn’t seem to stray much in treatment from the DMT list which frustrates me a bit. When I asked for Gabalentin to help with Nerve pain he said that “it isn’t a MS drug”. I pointed out that he could help me be more comfortable and manage the symptoms I experienced so then he did prescribe…grudgingly ;-0 Of course he agrees with Vitamin D and I recently told him I add Magnesium and he just said “good”. These are things my husband comes up with in research or I see in this forum as helping people.

I hadn’t heard of what was suggested to you but when I google it up it is active but see it linked to doping of sports athletes and not as a MS treatment path. What is their rationale? You certainly have the right to ask before you start taking something into your body and you should understand the possible side effects, apparently you will be disqualified from the Olympics ;-0 I only see your post on this Rx when I use the magnifying glass although I have seen a lot of references by people on various vitamins and supplements people take.

My Neuro I find a bit frustrating as he just says to eat a good diet and stick to my DMT…and of course stretch, be active and do my PT.

7 months ago

I haven’t found any reference to it being used for MS…
But I found this explanation of what it can be used to treat.

7 months ago

it was given to you maybe because she/he saw you have a heart problem or to help you with you balance

7 months ago

@annakonuh , could it have been prescribed to help you with fatigue?

7 months ago

@stumbler I do not know. Maybe. All doctors tell me that fatigue is a “side effect of MS” and that it is “normal” when I feel tired. But I consulted with three different doctors, and all three said: “Drink this medicine.” I worry that it is prescribed mainly for heart failure. But I have a normal cardiogram of the heart.

7 months ago

@annakonuh , it was the athletes using it to keep them going for longer that made me think of fatigue……….

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