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New and unsure

Hi, I’m new to this site. Two months ago in the hospital, a neurologist suggested I have MS but I haven’t been officially diagnosed yet. My neurologist keeps doing MRIS and has me on Lyrica. I already have anxiety and battled depression and I’m finding it hard to do anything on the weekends and get motivated. I do go to work. I really need a support network as I just moved to this city for my job and haven’t built a friend network. Hoping to find support and connections here on this website. Thank you for responding. I’m grateful. ❤

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7 months ago

Welcome to Shift Kim_price
Sending courage and New Years hugs to you 🤗

7 months ago

@kim_price forgot to @ you in the reply 😂 it’s late in the Uk off to bed now. Take care of you 🤗

7 months ago

@kim_price, welcome to our support. It’s a tough situation you’re in – a new home with no friend’s ( as yet) support. We’re all here listening and identifying with your situation so you’re not alone. You can come on here any time and someone will respond. Be strong and i hope your diagnosis comes soon. Not knowing what you’re dealing with is the worst bit …..xx

7 months ago

Hi @kim_price and welcome.

It’s hardly surprising that you’re battling anxiety and depression. You have a medical condition, but you don’t know which and what it might mean for you. And, you now find yourself in a new neighbourhood.

It’s a lot to take on board, so reduce the expectations you have on yourself. Just take it easy and be kind to yourself.

There’s always someone here online. And, there are a few Forum Members located in the Boston area. Check out the Forum map of Member’s locations ( Unfortunately not every member shares their location.

Also, check out your local chapter of the National MS Society at Waltham (

7 months ago

Hi Kim_Price, sorry to hear you are dealing with all that. I remember not knowing what was going on was awful. Has your neurologist mentioned doing a Lumbar Puncture also called spinal tap test? I had this as well as an MRI when I was diagnosed, maybe you could ask him about it. Hope you get a diagnosis soon X

7 months ago

@kim_price morning from the UK.

Moving somewhere new always feels a bit like being a fish out of water at first. It will get better, I promise. I have been to 11 different schools in my time so have had that feeling of ennui more than once!

There are quite a few American members so you are not alone here. They will understand the mechanics of the healthcare system there better than most. You can always take your chats private if you need, just send them a friend request.

MS sucks, no doubt. It isn’t, however, the end of the world and affects everyone very differently.l too. The annoying thing is that no one can tell you how it will go for you. By all means listen to the experiences of others, but try to resist the urge to immediately transpose their experiences onto you, as it may work out totally differently for you.

All the best and HNY.


7 months ago

Hi, and I am here new have.MS I use COPAXONE, lives my life and do not pay attention to the diagnosis, whatever it was.Depression leci to friends and exits, and laugh, as much as they laugh.Every greeting from Slavica, Belgrade Serbia 😁

7 months ago

Happy new year and welcome! Limboland is awful, that’s what makes me sad when I look back on 2018. Sure the diagnosis was a bugger but limboland is the worst part. Hopefully you get answers soon, have you had the MRI results yet?
Wishing you all the best xxx

7 months ago

Hello @kim_price, I hope you feel you’ve come to the right place! Yes, definitely if it’s not in the pipeline, ask for a lumbar puncture. In the meantime, if it is MS, it sounds ridiculous to say, but stress has such an impact on the condition and needs to be a priority for getting support. I got diagnosed two years ago and the weekends have become invaluable to me as they support my working life. I just relax, watch TV, potter about and don’t feel guilty for being lazy. Everyone here will identify with what you’re going through. So, gather your strength, stay well, take care of yourself and keep posting! All the best x

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