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i literally got diagnosed 4 hours ago. I am in the hospital thinking of next steps. i have to get an MRI today for my brain. i am having trouble walking. is the mwdication that will help me walk somewhat functional. this whole time i thought i had sciatica.

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7 months ago

Hi @ben_stevens and welcome. Although, this isn’t really a good start to a new year. 😕

Your Forum profile is presently lacking in detail, so I’ve no idea of your age, which can be an important aspect of recovery from an MS relapse.

The usual medical response to a disabling relapse is Steroids (Methylprednisolone), administered intravenously over 5 days. This treatment will primarily address the inflammation on your Central Nervous System (CNS) causing the relapse. This will then allow your body to start effecting a recovery. The Steroids will be working with your body over the next 6 – 8 weeks to help this process.

But, you’ll need to rest up to allow this recovery to happen.

Given your circumstances, i.e. freshly diagnosed, you may want to read some of the articles under the “Newly Diagnosed” tag on this website:-

Be wary of random Googling around. Stay with creditable websites, e.g. the MS Society, to avoid horror stories which are totally out of context.

Otherwise, rest up and make a vow to live healthily, eat healthily and avoid stress.

Feel free to pose any questions that spring to mind. 😉

7 months ago

Hi @ben_stevens,

Not the start to the New Year you were maybe expecting. Or maybe a diagnosis is relief?

I have been diagnosed for 13 years but certainly don’t know everything. Have you seen the buddy system on shift MS? It is a support system where you get paired up with someone like me who has been through it and can offer support to someone who is newly diagnosed ? I do also understand that you might not want to talk to anyone.

I hope the MRI goes well, I have a routine one next week.

Keep smiling,

7 months ago

Afternoon Ben,

As far as I am concerned you come across as very positive and brave if you don’t mind me saying, a diagnosis a few hours ago and your straight in there looking for support and information which I think is a very positive step.

I was diagnosed a long time ago (1990) and my experience was so very different from yours and I had to find support from the only source I could which as that time was the MS Society. May I conclude by saying stay positive, its refreshing and good to hear that you appear strong which bodes well for the future.

Like Emma above I would encourage you to keep smiling.


7 months ago

Hi @ben_stevens you just had a big shock, sit back, have a cuppa,don’t stress. Stress is the worst thing for ms. As our guru Stumbler said, we dont know where you are or how old you are cos you didn’t fill in the bio bit, but at least you found us straight away. We’re all quite safe here, you can natter,rant, cry,celebrate whatever floats your boat and on this site you will find an answer to most things. We have a great range of ages, length of time dxd, loads of experience with ms, old codgers like me who have had the beast for 25 years to newbies like you.

There is never a good time to be dxd with ms and I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy but you have picked a good time, there are so many DMT’s available which there weren’t 25 years ago. The powers that be, quite rightly in my opinion, gave decided to hit ms hard and fast, so you will be offered your choice. Write down anything you want to ask your neuro/ms nurse (you will get one if you live in the uk) cos you won’t remember it all when you get into the consultation room. We’re always here for a natter and just remember, with ms there us no such thing as a silly question👂👍😍

7 months ago

Hi @ben_stevens, sorry you’ve had this huge shock. I can’t tell where you are based, or your rough age so difficult to know exactly what to say. As for next steps, take your time to recover properly, that needs to be your priority for now. I imagine you’ve had a lumbar puncture? You will probably want to research as much as possible, so stick to registered sites such as this, or MS Trust. Google can be misleading and overwhelming. You will find lots of support on here, so keep posting x

7 months ago

Hi Ben
And welcome to our weird and wacky group. You’ll hear the same advice over and over so I won’t give you the regular stuff.
1) go and get a buddy – we have a buddy system on shift and newly diagnosed MSers really benefit from that support. Ms can be lonely.
2) find your local support network – I have just been organising a meet up for sheffield and the northern areas – if you are nearby please come and join us
3) ask me (or some others about good blogs and vlogs and forums) not all are created equally
4) get support from your local Ms nurses
5) order your free overcoming MS book and read it
6) stay ok shift and use the site as you need it – we are all pretty positive. Not all support groups are positive and they might drag you down.

7) keep your chin up. MS is not the end. These days with good medications and a support network things will be good for you. They have been for most of my ms friends. I hate having ms but LOADS of brilliant things have come from me having it. Would I change it – no. Probably not.
Would I have said that when I was first diagnosed. F**k no.
Have things gotten better? Maybe not – I just see things differently now and my perspective is different.

Please get in touch if you need anything. And @stumbler is amazing

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