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Needing a reality check

Hi all, this is a post to let you all know that MS doesn’t mean the end of the world and also a chance to hear opinions from people who understand my issues on my choices.

So when I was diagnosed I was off work for two years on disability. I recovered thanks to meds, and moved abroad to do my PhD. I somehow completed it whilst doubting myself the whole way through about whether I was mentally able any more etc etc. Then found that I had not given any thought to normal person questions like what I actually wanted to do next. Luckily I found a job in a tangential field and am soon moving to mainland Europe to further my career. I still can’t believe I have such a thing as a career. My mindset is very much to follow my dreams while I can and deal with the illness when it rears its head. It has spurred me on in that sense although I sometimes think I should be playing it safe. I know every disease progression is different but wanted to share my story and if anyone thinks I should be playing it safe… Do divulge.

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3 months ago

@elizbella , we all do what we can, when we can. If it makes us feel good then that can only help with our overall well-being.

3 months ago

Thanks @stumbler I was in denial for a while but mris show no change over 4 years and symptoms have abated so I’m just going for it.

3 months ago

You are doing it perfectly – it’s never either career or dreams, it’s always a more or less simultaneous combination of both. I was in the same place 30 years ago except I have PPMS. I was afraid of being a hapless victim, constantly reeling and adapting to the progression of the MS and losing control of my day to day life. So my plan was to take a post grad degree and work for about 10 years and then semi retire somewhere with decent net access (more of an issue back then) good health care and reasonably cheap housing. Long story short… it worked! I was able to work until 2005 – about 5 years more than I expected. In retrospect, having a life (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) and planning a less depressing denouement is a hell of a challenge, it looks like you are smashing it!

3 months ago

Lovely-very well done to you both. Like John, I have PPMS, and there are times when it all seems to be too much for me but the human spirit is remarkably resilient so it is way better to keep battling on-and the stories of others who have done so is inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

I have also learnt from this website how wise Stumbler always is.

3 months ago

Thanks both for your positivity. John- I am thinking to do the same and semi retire early depending on the progression. Your story is inspirational, any words of wisdom? In particular about finding the right country re meds availability and potential mobility support. I have asked my doctors about this and they scratch their heads. I’m sure it will all change by the time I retire anyway but I’m sure you have some insight

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