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Neck and shoulder pain

Hey Peeps.

Spoke to the consultant yesterday, my yearly follow-up which went ok apart from mentioning about armpit, arm and neck and shoulder pain. I was referred to the breast clinic in March which they checked me over and just said lumps were normal and having no history in the family was a good sign. I went away feeling relieved, I started with the underarm pain in June. Went back to the docs because I thought I could feel my lymph nodes under my arms but they said they were fine and my bloods all came back normal.
Now when I spoke the neurologist mentioning this he thinks I need to get it all checked out again, probably not an MS thing. I pulled my neck out from camping the other day and it’s still stiff and radiates in my left shoulder blade and shoulder. Sometimes my ribcage feels sore at the side on my left, I do have lesions on my spine and most of my lesions are in the left side of my brain could this just be a flare up as he’s mentioning me having more blood tests as he’s thinking it’s breast. Thing is, I don’t know what’s normal with MS cos I don’t have problems usually. I’ve had a lot of stress since last year and everything kinda started from January onwards. Just feel like I’m in limbo and I’d finally relaxed about the idea of it not being sinister, anyone else get pain like this?

Ta muchly peeps 😊.

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4 weeks ago

Hi @chezy17. I haven’t been to work since March, working nicely and happily from home. I am now preparing to go back to work. Like you, I’ve felt ‘weird’ all year. At the moment I have stiffness and weird walking; I’m convinced it’s because I’m leaving the security of home and lockdown, and it’s causing some anxiety-induced problems. In fact, I can’t really remember what ‘normal’ feels like; I’ve forgotten when my old life felt like. Seems like you’re on top of medical check-ups, but you can never be too up-to-date. Hope you feel fit and your usual buzzy self soon! x

4 weeks ago

Hi @vixen I think it’s probably is that, my routine and life is kinda all over the place at the moment. Before, I had my exercise, work, studies and family and friends which kinda just came to a halt. I’ve had more time to think and over think which in one way has been good because I push things aside and distract myself and this has forced me to deal with everything but it’s also been bad for me. My ex and I have been sharing the childcare pretty much halfway which is more than it has ever been the last four years so I’ve had too much time to myself. Although, things are slowly getting back to some kind of normal it’s not my life before which I’m craving I guess. Sorry to hear about your anxiety about going back to work, if it’s any consolation I felt safe at work when I went back before the holidays. It actually helped to be honest, I felt like that at the beginning and now I just can’t wait to get back. I think the whole situation has just thrown us all outta sync, hopefully everything will settle soon and we’ll both feel normal again 😊🤞. Uni starts soon, so I’ll also have that aswell. Thank you for replying chick 😊. Xxx

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