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Nearly new newby at 57

Diagnosed in December 19, after private MRI, as a result of my acupuncture Dr recommending it. Went into hospital with suspected tumour on the spine. Another MRI and CT and just before I left, the Consultant told me that I had MS. I left hospital in a daze, thinking of wheelchairs, dribbling and blue badges. I didn’t tell my wife and children until after Christmas, didn’t want to ruin it for them. Follow up from the hospital was slow but with Christmas and the new year, everyone is entitled to a life! Started Tec in March, no side effects, no miracles, just the same. I feel like I am wearing boxing gloves, that have sand in them and wobble in the afternoon. My family call me Parker, from the 60s Thunderbird puppet. I feel the need for all around me to take the Micky out of my symptoms. It works for me, anyway.

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2 months ago

Hi Fred and welcome, like you I am a late diagnosee…..63 in my case….3 years ago, also like you I am on Tec…but get flushes irrespective of what or how much I eat.
I don’t let my MS have power over me…I have it – it doesn’t have me!
Keep your chin up and our spirits high.

2 months ago

Hi 👋

2 months ago

Hi @fred_r_coombes, I am 54, diagnosed three years ago and also on Tec. It’s weird isn’t it, thinking you pretty much have the direction of your life sorted and then wham! There’s worse things, though I guess. Live healthy, but live fully. No time to waste being negative. That said though, expect the gravity of diagnosis to take a while to get used to. Being in our fifties, we have a different set of priorities to those in their 20s who get diagnosed. Actually, there have been a few newbies recently on here. Take care, ask any questions anytime 🙂

2 months ago

@z900, thanks. I still feel new to it all but it’s not holding me back. Hi @watsoncraig, strange that a whole new world is opening up. Hello @vixen, I had finally paid off all my debts and looking forward to slowing down, and then, bang! More at one, with things, now, but still Learning. Would love a magic cure, but all told, I’m doing alright and far luckier than some.
Sorry, well, not really, I’m just lazy in thanking you all, in one hit! Take care and enjoy life.


2 months ago

Hi Fred! You have people take the mic out of your symptoms all you like, it’s your call. I’m the same with my family & friends, can’t afford to be too serious with it all, life’s too short! Colette

2 months ago

@collettepage, you are so right and I appreciate it as I know there is not one ounce of malice behind it (or maybe I’m too thick skinned!). Too much life to lead.

2 months ago

Bit of a shock at any age. Mine came at 62 three years ago. At least not a brain tumour. I was lucky in that I am financially secure and had a friend who been diagnosed over 30 years ago who was able to help with information and knew it wasn’t a death sentence or immediate deterioration. Found a local MS Society exercise group which helped with much more than fitness. On Tecfidera too.

2 weeks ago

Well, I have calmed down after a couple of panicky weeks. I received a copy of the MRI results that mentioned a clear cord but a lesion on frontal lobe. A call to my MS nurse and they tried to reassure me that the scan was a little too soon and the tablets hadn’t had enough time to take effect. Not really convinced and said they would talk with the Neurologist, to see about another scan later in the year.
Time has allowed me to absorb the information and get a grip on it. It has been a little nervy, for me. I realise that I’m still a newbie at this but would appreciate a steady run! Every day is a school day!

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