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3 months ago

All the time especially if I’ve pushed myself to hard.
I was prescribed baclofen..muscle relaxant and pregabalin which helps with the nerve burning.
Keep yourself flexible with stretching exercise.
All together they keep it to a minimum.
Ask your ms nurse they’ll know what to do.
Hope that helps

3 months ago

Yes I get it all the time I just sit down and relax and it calms down after awhile

3 months ago

@studentandms Oh yeah, that and many more. I once took part in a 100km cycle race (quite a while ago now) and on a climb, my quads were twitching noticeably. A most odd feeling.

I get buzzing a lot in the back of one leg, inexplicable cramps (spasticity) in my calves and hamstrings that need rolling out by my ever-patient wife as no amount of stretching helps. And so on and so forth. It is a joyous disease 🙁

3 months ago

Yes – more of a vibrating feeling than twitching but after a long walk I can feel it all down my legs once I stop. If I sit or start moving again it gradually subsides.

3 months ago

Yep a lot of fizzing and twitching. Same as the others it goes away after a little while

3 months ago

All the time and even way before I was diagnosed with MS. It’s so weird isn’t it?!?!

3 months ago

Thanks everyone. I had presumed it’s an MS thing and it’s rather annoying. I am aware that others can see it too sometimes which isn’t fun! Will chat to my ms nurses and let them know I’ve got a new symptom

3 months ago

👍 yes

3 months ago

Im waiting for a friend and walking around dunelm and my backs killing plus im hungry!! Had to sit down. I was taking it steady as well :-/

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