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Muscle Tightness – Roller Success

I am having increasing muscle spasticity in my calves and hamstrings the day after walking about. This makes me hobble, need a cane for balance and is generally a drag.

I bought two different rollers to try. One of the lumpy kind (£6 in Aldi) with about a 12cm diameter and 60cm long that you put under you and roll up and down on. It is ok for the hamstrings but to do the calves you need to hold yourself up on your arms so not terribly practical.

The other roller looks like a 60cm long stick with lots of little rolling bits and a handle on each end. Again, ok on your own but – as the kids say – OMG…when you lie face down on the floor and someone else rolls your calves and thighs it is effective.

Bloody painful at first so they have to go lightly, but then you start to feel the lumps and knots working out and they can increase the pressure. Mrs S is a bit miffed that she seems to be my new on-demand physio, but she is getting used to it and seeing me walk much closer to normal with less of the cane is pleasing to both of us.

The rolling stick thingumy was cheap and relatively short. About £11 on Amazon. Now I know how effective it is I am happy to get a slightly longer and pricier one. It makes a huge difference.

Aldi/Lidl have the central aisle of mystery which is where I got the large foam roller. I think they do the smaller diameter sticks as well when they are having a fitness equipment week.

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3 months ago

Is it really that good. More effective than the usual hamstring stretches?

Ive been getting tight hamstrings too. And abit of the front of thigh muscles feel tight aswell.

It used to be just left calf but now its both hamstrings

3 months ago

I think so. Someone else does it.

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