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Much love ❤️

Hi guys, just wanna day since I’ve been on here I have gained a clearer view of ms and anything that’s not clear I can always rely on my new family here at shift. I guess what I. Trying to say is thank you to everyone that has helped with their words of encouragement, it really has helped and I’m feeling a lot more positive than before I joined. And anyone new reading this, if you have any problems/concerns just make a quick post and watch how everyone’s comments have a positive impact! Don’t be shy we’re here to help. 🤗. And on that note goodnight my fellow msers

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5 months ago

That’s a lovely post @pelican, but why are you posting at 1 in the morning when you should be zzzzzzzzzzzz?

5 months ago

@pelican, individually we may be weak, but together we’re strong. 😊

5 months ago

My physio gave me the best advice I’ve had to manage MS: ‘You’ve got to live in a happy, healthy bubble’. If you can do this, the ‘bubble’ is not a bad place to be. xx

5 months ago

@cameron. I like the “bubble” idea. I’m holding on to that. And @pelican, totally agreed. Nice to have people to share with in a way no one else gets.

5 months ago

@vixen do t ask lol. Had one of those nights where it take longer than normal to fall asleep but not to worry I actually had a real good nights sleep 😉.

@stumbler you’re right, and I truly feel blessed to have joined

@cameron positivity is kryptonote to ms. So always be happy

5 months ago

@pelican – you have really hit the nail on the head with that post. Soon you will be sharing your wisdom with others and making them feel the same way that you do now!

5 months ago

@pelican you’ve already been welcomed to our exclusive club but it’s so nice to be appreciated. We all try to help each other, nice warm feeling isn’t it✌🏼🎉😜

5 months ago

@dominic I wanna make everyone feel welcome and to k ow we’re all in the same boat paddling. We can help each other and that itself brings satisfaction and happiness which I find contributes positivity which like I said is kryptonite to ms

@grandma if it wasn’t for everyone’s kindness and willing to help I wouldn’t be on a positive note. ❤️

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