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MS: Manifesting & Spirituality

Greetings tribe! If the title of this post grabs your eye or calls to any of you…then yay!!! Keep reading 🙂

Since being diagnosed 10 years ago, my life has taken an unexpected, but necessary shift toward an enlightened and spiritual path! Not sure if it’s just my own personal experiences with the disease or if any of you have ALSO experienced a heightened interest, intrigue and/or curiosity about spirituality and higher realms within the heavenly dimensions of life?

I have been able to pinpoint certain symptoms of mine and correlate their dates with journal entries I’ve made over the past decade and my findings suggest that when I wrote with a negative state of mind or victim mentality, a pattern of bad MS days followed in the next few weeks.

Not sure who are how to reach out and have a discussion about this LOL but I always trust my Ms fam and if anyone has Insight or like to talk about this further with me, I would love to connect!

Thanks in advance and hope everybody is having a fantastic New Year thus far!!!

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7 months ago

The spiritual life is the only way for me. I’m a Recovered Alcoholic and was living a spiritual life when the symptoms first started showing, if I wasn’t living this way I wouldn’t have lasted long.

7 months ago

Hi @megan_m_mcnees and welcome.

I can’t admit to being spiritual, or even religious. But, I do believe in the untapped power of our brain.

When we’re feeling good, the brain is releasing endorphins to make us feel even better. Conversely, when we’re feeling down, chemicals are released by the brain that have a detrimental effect on our Central Nervous System (CNS). That same area that MS attacks.

Call it spiritual if you like. We just need to keep in good spirits. 😊

7 months ago

Hello @megan_m_mcnees, that’s a sparkly post to wake up to! I think that when you are diagnosed, you can’t fail but to start a whole new journey which causes you to ask yourself profound questions. You start to think more deeply about meaning, death and beyond, fate, those sorts of things. There is no doubt that positive thinking can effect really positive influences in your life. But, not everyone is programmed to be bouncy and positive, and I imagine that it could be really annoying for some when others bang on about positive thinking, mindfulness etc. There is no rhyme or reason as to why we have to endure this dreadful condition, why us? Why some who are very young. You make an interesting correlation between ‘victim-ness’ and MS patterns. Anyways, always good to connect with people who like to dig a little deeper! X

7 months ago

My faith is what keeps me going
I count on mighty Allah in everything i do and seek his protection from everythinh i fear
And always grateful and thankful to him
And sure it helped md stay strong and resistant

7 months ago

Yep – I have felt that way too. I started having symptoms about 5 years ago but was only diagnosed 2 years ago. During that time I started noticing that I seemed to have a strong 6th sense. Maybe there is something to it. Maybe it’s the fact that our brains have started to open up new pathways due to the MS effects. No matter what it is, I do have a closer relationship with God, angels, and the spiritual world. And I frequently hear the question, “How did you know that?” I don’t know – it was just a feeling. Maybe my brain has opened up to a different way of thinking. I’m just going with it.

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