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I hav has MS with seizures for about 17 years. I have techfidera and several other meds. They have slowed seizures, but I am dizzy and have walking and balance issues. Is anyone out there having similar issues and if so, is there a cure or am I getting ready to get worse? Thank you.

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5 months ago

@derrick_miller , first things first, have you had a change in any meds that might have preceded this deterioration? We just need to rule out potential side-effects first.

Secondly, have you visited your Doctor recently to check for any aural problems. The balance mechanism within our ears is very important.

Having eliminated non-MS causes, we have to look at Vertigo being a new symptom. More details of this here :-

This obviously affects balance, which in turn will make you unsteady. Balance is achieved by the brain’s interpretation of several of our senses, the balance mechanism within our ears, visual feedback and sensory feedback from our lower limbs. So, you can see how dizziness, balance and unsteadiness are inter-related.

Have you had a recent MRI, to check for ongoing MS activity?

5 months ago

Hi,. I have had MS for around 15 years now, at first I was injecting Avonex/Interferon and apart from a 24hour hangover I was great still working 50hrs per week and backpacking/ Hunting, but since I was changed to Glenyna then Tysabri I went down hill and now like you have big issues with balance,walking , dizziness, headaches and low blood pressure?
I have bee checked for everything from bowel cancer to a heart scan etc,etc, Nothing? They just say I am a mystery!
I maintain it is a combination of the drug and MS?
All I get told is it is progression and nothing else can be done???
Typical! I am basically over it all!

5 months ago

One of the main things to realize about MS is that it is a progressive disease and we need to push against it’s impact all that we can through lifestyle, diet and DMTs. The various DMTs try to slow MS in different ways. When you discuss your changes with your Neuro ask if it isn’t time to switch up your DMT. This can be tricky as pulling off one and waiting for the next to be effective can invite new or old symptoms to flare up but may be worth that risk.

My symptoms are more in the gait and balance area but I feel that staying on top of my PT does help. This involves stretching, some strength (like squats with a medicine ball or hand weights, resistance bands, etc) and some balance exercises like walking on my heels, toes, while looking up and down and also from side to side.

Good to ask the questions and consider switching things up when needed 😉

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