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MRI results

Today I received the results of MRI … I’m already half a day crying. The number of foci increased. Active foci in the left frontal part. I felt good. I thought the disease was in remission. But she quietly continued to develop in me .. I can not stop crying. I
very scared.

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3 months ago

I’m sorry you got this news ☹. I got the same news yesterday after 4 years of remission and now have to do a 3rd round of Lemtrada. I’m just trying to stay positive and I’m grateful I have options to give me a few more MS free(ish) years. It sucks that it feels like it’s back to sqare 1 but stay strong, you can do this! 😘

3 months ago

@elsa75 Thank you very much. But it’s hard to stay strong when you’re a little desperate.

3 months ago

I read the OMS book and it stated that MRI changes don’t necessarily correspond with our actual changes in mobility etc.
It’s not a nice diagnosis but it isn’t necessarily a good thing. I’m sorry you feel so bad. This really is a shitty condition isn’t it?

3 months ago

@julie_wake Oh yeah. Not fun that’s for sure 😐

3 months ago

@annakonuh , I’m sorry that you’ve been upset by this latest set of results.

I’ve been reading up about Primary Progressive MS (PPMS), both here :- ; and

in more detail here :-

Whilst ignoring the reference to UK-specific ancillary aspects, I am wondering whether your clinical history actually fits comfortably within the definitions of PPMS. Perhaps this is an aspect worth discussing with your Neurologist, as there are more options available for other MS variants, e.g. Relapsing Remitting MS (RRMS).

It’s just a thought.

I hope the tears stop flowing. Ask your husband to give you a hug. 😉

3 months ago

Hello @annakonuh, it’s fine to cry for a bit but then focus on positive things. We all know that lesions don’t always correspond to symptoms. For example, most of us started having lesions years before we got diagnosed. At least you are being monitored, that’s good. I think we all understand how you feel. It’s all so unfair. But you can now focus on staying as healthy as possible to give yourself the best chances. We are all here to support you xx

3 months ago

Sorry your going though this. MS is rubbish..i had an mri in April still not seen my doctor to get results. My ms nurse says seems to be ok. But ive had numbness in my fingertips lately. How are you feeling in yourself x

3 months ago

Thank you all very much for your support. I just suddenly realized: well, that I have relatives, friends, this forum and a cat. Now is not the time to give up!

3 months ago

Funnily enough, I’ve got my results tomorrow after a year of Cladribine. I always thought that more lesions doesn’t necessarily impact on your MS or how it affects you? You could have loads and be fine and have a few and not be? Try not to let it bother you chick, it doesn’t mean it’s getting worse. Keep smiling ☺.

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