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Finally booked for full spine mri scan, was told had to be done in March, hate them feel claustrophobic, feel like your on a building sight with all the banging. I have lesions already 2 on the brain 2 on the spine. I’m hoping no more are found as he said he would start treatment.

I hate hospitals anyway I know they are there to help, but I just don’t like them. Anyway hope you all have a good day, tell me when’s your next mri and what happend?

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6 months ago

@supermum1983 , the MRI will be over before you know it. After all, you know what to expect.

Nobody likes hospitals. You’re either sick to be going into a hospital, or visiting someone who is sick. So, never a good reason to go there.

My next MRI? No, nothing planned. I’m too old and knackered, so no hope for me. πŸ˜‰

6 months ago

@stumbler they are people that like going for the attention there’s a word for it. Can’t remember now. Your not too old!! ☺

6 months ago

@supermum1983 I get claustrophobic too! I’m having a cervical spine mri next Thursday due to issues with my right shoulder and arm, been waiting for it 6 weeks by then!

I’ve always hated hospitals, but with all the appointments I’ve had over the last 2 years I’ve got used to going so don’t get so stressed out about going now!

I’d be terrified if they kept me in, though! πŸ˜‚
I like to get home at night to chill out with my hubby and pooch! πŸ˜šπŸ€”πŸ•

6 months ago

Hi @supermum1983. I had one on Monday, and it was fine. Like you I am 2 x 2 lesions, I’ve been on medication for 2 years and hoping that the MRI shows no new lesions. The thing is, I e apparently had lesions for years before I was diagnosed with no symptoms whatsoever, so you never know. We are all different and have different pathways. You will be fine, just remember, it’s untimately for your good. Try reciting song lyrics, planning lists, or even having a snooze if you can!

6 months ago

For my last MRI I was asked if there was any music I would like, as I think they had Spotify or such like. Said R.E.M. and mostly it chose stuff before they lost it i.e. before the drummer left, so was a pleasant distraction. My mind was kept occupied and distracted.

6 months ago

Dont know how many lesions ive got never asked. Prefer not to know. After all there was no treatment back then. They play a radio when ive had MRI sort of helped. On the smart trial in uclh hosp had loads of MRI for their benefit and i actually fell asleep. This is someone who cant sleep with the light or noise. So practice makes perfect. I used to dread them. Take your own music I’m sure you could arrange them to play from their office and have a chill-out. Best of luck remember keep your jewelry at home.

6 months ago

Hi @supermum1983
My next MIR is this Wednesday and I hate them too. With me its the noise and I don’t like it, am not bothered about small spaces. I have 1 big lesion on my spine on my neck and that what think cause me to lose my sights when I was C.I.S and 2 big and several little ones on my brain. Even with all them lesion they still classed my as C.I.S and now they classes me at RRMS cause of these attacking happening now. It took 2 years for my MS to kick. Like you my MIR is for my spine with what been happening with my legs they need to confirm its a relapse or not. They are confident its a relapse cause the blood tests came back with nothing so just need the scan. However I wont get the results until 11th of March and that when my MS doctor will discuss the results.

You will be amazing with the scan, you be like ‘ya those noises are nothing to me’ and you said those noses remind you of a building site so just imagine very attractive men fixing the site. Concentrate on that imagine that a scene or your happy place. Ask them if you can have music on. At my hospital you can have a radio on in the headphones

5 months ago

Thank you for all your replies, I can type better when I’m on a laptop takes too long on my phone!! Mri is this sunday πŸ™„

@vivien how did you cervical not scan go. Hope it went ok

@vixen did you get the results back yet?? Did you get your cuddles?

@nobodyin they asked me what station but still felt like I was on a building site lol

@dramaqueen I like to know just to see if anymore have appeared I’m nosey tho!!

@sarah_graham how was the results, I like thought of fit men working, topless please

5 months ago

You’re all having it dead easy compared to the old days. Had one of the first mri’s nearly 30 years ago, they didn’t realise what damage could be done by the noise, so eventually they started to give you ear plugs which didn’t really work, no music, no distraction, nothing, thank god things have moved on a little bitπŸ₯ŠπŸ˜œ

5 months ago

@supermum1983 I didn’t get my mri on 27th February as the machine broke down!

I got called in for one last Tuesday after it was fixed, so results should be back next week. It’s the quickest mri I’ve ever had! Less than 30 minutes from entering the hospital to leaving after it was done! Couldn’t believe it!

Good luck with yours on Sunday, think some hunky builders to focus on is a great idea πŸ’‘! πŸ˜‚

Let us know how you get on!
Vivien xxxx πŸ€—

5 months ago

I hate MRIs as well. The noise really bothers me and I’m claustrophobic so I always ask my doctor to prescribe me something beforehand like Ativan or Xanax which helps. I think it also depends on the assistant you get. I just had one a couple weeks ago and I swear the machine was even smaller than a typical MRI machine, but the assistant was super nice and he’d tell me how long each picture would take while I was in the machine which I appreciate. I only had brain this time, but no new lesions since starting my treatment 6 months ago. Good luck on your MRI!

5 months ago

I’ve had a couple of MRIs, I don’t suffer with claustrophobia I am just full of nervous energy and am a real fidget but I manage to think nice thoughts and take myself to a nice place.
Good luck.

5 months ago

Hi @supermum1983 It is a good idea to think of topless working men. Me I had Robbie D on CMF with me while I had my scan. My MIR scan went okay but my legs were stiff and sore for stilling still for too long. The nurses with me were great. The first one gave me blanket to cover my leg cause I told her the cold he most affects my legs. The second one stay with me until I react my Dad cause she was worried that I was going to collapse. They found a flare on my spine so the steroid hasn’t help calming it down and its on the right side on my spine which has caused me the most problem. So I be starting treatment going back on the 25th to discuss a bit more about it and I will be having another MIR on my brain. This will be a 4th a MIR scan on my brains. So when I have this MIR scan on my brain that will be the base line of tracking my progress with the treatments. So all these new MIR Scans will keep track of my treatment process. How are things at your end? xx

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