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Meet msrs locally.

Trying a new approach, it’s been 6 years since my diagnose. You all know how it goes, the process & life. I practically forgot my life to stay on top of my ms. I got so busy… most of all? I’m low key hesitant to sit and talk with healthy people? I hate the pity/sympathies & ugh the look of sadness in their eyes as if something terrible has happened, lol. I feel like crap instantly..

MS is deep indeed, but i choose to focus on my present & how i can make it better. If we focus on the negative trust me, it’s a waste of life going pass every day. More regrets to look back at, so not healthy for our mental health.

With ms our mental health is absolutely vital, plays the biggest part with us. Our emotions are capable of triggering symptoms unexpectedly… so not worth it. I don’t know if i can ever figure ms & epilepsy out.. but all i can do by gods grace, try, try, try until i can no longer try.. which so far hasn’t happened. Lol..

Anyways, I don’t know about other msrs, but I personally wouldn’t mind meeting msrs in my local area. I would love to hear/share, activities etc, I don’t mean we need to dwell on the negativity of this “health trial” noooo, we get enough of that around us. I think it’s a great positive support system? Encouraging? Rather than feeling bad for ourselves? Or isolating ourselves? P.s if you haven’t fully accepted that you have ms & or you choose to lie to people “weak autoimmune i get ill easily” just so you come across normal? Because what, you’re ashamed? Or you come on this site to read our stories & laugh? Pls don’t bother. I am very confident & accepting of myself, I refuse to allow someone who’s confused to break or make me & other msrs mentally weak. I love to take care of myself, I don’t think a disease should define what you look/become. So far, ms community centre i was picked on by grown women, why? Because apparently if you look beautiful, you cannot have a disease. You can’t look like a beauty queen whilst having a disease… bs. It’s called not letting go of yourself, it’s your self respect & dignity when you walk out, your image. Don’t let a disease define your worth/existence, we’re beautiful, we’re strong & we kick ass on a daily. Don’t succumb to the words of a specialist who after all is just a human. Own your life, own your health. The things i had forgotten about myself these past 8 months. So this post is for myself & for all who need to hear something encouraging & need friends.

I’m from barking. I would love to meet more from my area.

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5 months ago

I might not be on your location but I agree with you entirely therefore I havent told anyone in real life for 16 yrs that I suffer MS apart from my family
not just because of their sympathetic looks
but because they would treat me different think of me differently than when zi was healthy
luckily ms is still not obvious on me

5 months ago

@sayhidoee was a dope read thank you I needed that. I just had and interview/weld test to show my capabilities you made me think to myself…If u want me u want me #moveon.
Best Jorge

5 months ago

@jamoranto you’re welcome 💯 absolutely.

I was just told by my “ex” that because i have ms and gain some weight up/down and can’t do certain activities sometimes, I’m not worthy of him…. now if i was to let his words affect my brain/soul it’s only me who’ll suffer not him.

Just try, expect nothing in return, and keep yourself motivated no matter what. We have our own war within ourselves that we don’t need it from others.

5 months ago

@nutshell88 its Not obvious on me either, alhumdulillah. I just want to be able to speak with like minded individuals such as myself, encourage and have a good support group for eachother, especially when we’re going through any emotional or mental hardship.

I am very confident about having ms, like my ex left me because of that, yet he has ms himself… hypocrisy. You can’t lie to someone you’re going to marry. He wants to deceive people about his health… he thinks he’s better than me. Lol… 😂😂😂 just became i gained weight and get moody. Lolololol.. w.e life. These type of situations for msrs etc is very sensitive, can easily flare up symptoms due to stress etc..

I know how I’ve been feeling and luckily I’m learning how to talk and open up, gave me an idea that why not meet more msrs? Why not build relations and a circle for ourselves ? So we don’t feel so lonely etc. Idk I’m trying for myself and hopefully others who’d like the same.

I want a positive change now. I’a

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