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Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with RRMS beginning of 2019 and have been on Tecfidera for 4 weeks now and is the first drug I have been prescribed. I seem to be getting on ok on the drug apart from a rash that flares up a few hours after the dose but disappears after about half hour and feeling nauseous when I need to eat. Would like to hear from people who are on this drug and how you can tell if it working?

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4 weeks ago

Hi and welcome to the club.
In answer to your question. I’m on tecfidera as well.
I’ve been using it for 2years.
Other than the very occasional flushing I can’t tell if it’s working until you have your yearly MRI.
And for me I’ve been classed as NEDA= no evidence of disease activity that means it’s doing it’s job.
Under your post above you’ll see some boxes relating to some of the things you mentioned, click on them and it’ll take you to other posts made about that subject.
Feel free to ask anything you like we’ll try and find an answer one way or another.

3 weeks ago

Hi @jayne04, I have been three years and as @highlander says, the MRIs are the only way to see that it is efficient. But even with that, there’s no way of knowing that the same wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t been taking a DMT! The most important thing when taking Tec is to take with a meal which balances fat and protein. This will help avoid gastro issues. Hope is goes well for you 🙂

3 weeks ago

@jayne04 – I took it for 7y. About 2 days in 3 I hade a 45 min start to finish flushing, usually c. 1100h.

I used to ensure that I really got on top of city mentally and reminded myself that I didn’t have a bad sunburn and it was a false feeling. It didn’t make it less pleasant but mentally it was key to not being freaked out or distracted.

I changed to ocrelizumab at my request as it has greater efficacy still. Just before my neuro told me that one of his patients had taken to – get this! – putting each capsule in a peanut butter stuffed date and swore by it. I am too lazy though and didn’t bother trying that.

3 weeks ago

city? it

3 weeks ago

You really need to recalibrate your fingers😄

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