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Mavenclad (Cladribine)

Hi guys, just looking for some advice, insight…Was on Copaxone for 1 year 1/2 but unfortunately not working… my neuro wants me to start Mavenclad. Just wondering if anyone on this medication can tell me their experience, side effects etc…very worried about low immune system

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8 months ago

Hi and welcome to the club.
Under your post above you’ll see a box markedly Mavenclad .
Click on that and it’ll take you to other posts made about it.
Along with a few other things that you might be interested in.
Feel free to ask anything you like we’ll try and find an answer one way or another.
Welcome again 😀

8 months ago

Hi @laura_pizzolitto
I’ve just finished my second year of Mavenclad and other than the feeling of nausea and feeling tired for a few weeks I’ve been fine. I was going cold, like my body temp wouldn’t regulate properly for a while but I’m OK. I don’t know if it’s worked yet, guess I need a year or so to find out but generally I’m ok 😊. My levels went up pretty quickly afterwards, they will monitor your blood to make sure your lymphocytes go back up. 😊

8 months ago

Hi Laura,

I am in the same position right now. I took Copaxone since May this year and got 3 new spots at my last MRI. So we decided on Thursday if I change my medication to Mavenclad. I am really unsure, at this moment…

8 months ago

@laura_pizzilitto. I’m due to start yr2 treatment soon. Yr1 was quite uneventful I made sure I drank plenty of water and ate with the meds too had only fatigue but used to that anyway. Couple months after caught a cold took a while to shake off. I’ve heard yr2 fatigue is another level but can’t say personally. I was due to start yr2 this week but after bloods my rubella immunity is low so I’m in a course of mmr injections due to finish before Christmas so should be full steam ahead early new year.

8 months ago

I was on Copaxone when I was first diagnosed in 2005 and was on it for 11 years with occasional attacks that were controlled with high dose steroids. Initially it was about all that was available and judged to be the best choice for me. About that time I moved and switched Neuros. He looked at my activity and switched me up to Rebif. I didn’t have any more major attacks at that point but more a general adding of little issues. This is the hallmark of SPMS and after 4 years of Rebif and now new DMTs being available I switched over to Ocrevus a few months ago.

Mavenclad was one of the alternatives on my list to consider. It is a true step up from the injectables. I found this list of DMTs helpful from one of the MS groups in the US.

This YouTube review of various DMTs I found very relatable by Dr Boster. It takes a bit before he gets to the reviews, I remember Ocrevus was about 30 minutes in:

I’m glad that my DMTs have stepped up a notch as I have progressed and think I should have been stepped up earlier as it seems that Copaxone was no longer holding me as my new Neuro quickly realized.

Good luck- I have been doing well after my switch up to Ocrevus but have also been trying to reduce stress, get my sleep, do my PT and improve my diet 😉 hitting it on all cylinders.

8 months ago

I’m waiting to start the mavenclad and will also look at past posts.

8 months ago

i stopped rebef 8 yrs ago
last year my neuro gave me option between mavenclad and gilenya i guess they are as much effective i chose gilenya it feels like a sip of water

7 months ago

Hiya- diagnosed 2018 and started Mavenclad September 2018 and October 2018. I was just really tired when taking it but otherwise fine. No colds or anything. Did have recurrent UTI’s however but as immune system came up time between infections got longer. Due second course this years but not able to have it yet as lymphocytes remain under 0.8 and they need to be above that to go again. As neuro said….don’t worry this shows the drug is doing exactly what it’s meant to! Efficacy and fact you don’t have to take a tablet daily drew me to Mavenclad. Good luck!

5 months ago

Thank you everyone who responded!!

5 months ago

I have been on copaxone since I was diagnosed with ms and I don’t like it and my neurologist won’t let me change it because she says that it’s working for me and I don’t think it is 🤔! I was trying to get pill form because I don’t like needles 😥

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