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Makes You Realise

Hi, I’m new to all this. Newly diagnosed with RRMS and awaiting medication. Taken them ages to get me to this point.
I really didnt realise that so many people were in the same boat.
It will be nice to chat with other people who understand.

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11 months ago

Hi and welcome, I’m one of the old codgers, had the beast for 25 years, had rrms for 24 years, was on Avonex, it turned into spms laser yr (but they did tell me that was going to happen in 10-15 yrs, and it took 23 so not complaining) am now on Tecfidera. We all quite nice and safe here, you can ask anything you want, someone will know the answer, and if we don’t ‘we know a man who does’ usually Stumbler who will be along in due course. You have had a major shock being diagnosed, sit back, have a cuppa, don’t rush things, don’t make any major changes (house, job, etc.,) you need time to digest this info. Having an ms diagnosis is no longer the life sentence it used to be, dmt’s are so widely available and used these days, and if one doesn’t work they will try another. Keep your chin up, we’re always here for a natter, a moan, a celebration, a cry, whatever you want. We don’t judge, you won’t be doing or saying we haven’t said or done already. And remember with ms there us no such thing as a silly question😍

11 months ago

Thank you xx

11 months ago

Hi @redhead and welcome.

You’re right, there are a fair few of us. MS is a bit of an invisible condition, so your next door neighbour might have MS and you probably wouldn’t know!

There’s some good information here :-

Check out the “newly Diagnosed” tab.

So, just take your time, as suggested. And fire your questions at us and we’ll do our best to answer them. 😉

11 months ago

Hey!! Welcome to our club!

I was just diagnosed every June with RRMS. I’m starting Tec next month.

If you have any questions or just want to get something off your chest, we are always here x

11 months ago

Hello @redhead, welcome aboard. Yes, all sorts of folk from different countries, a huge age range and lots of experiences, but all with a diagnosis. You are in good company, the best thing being that people will understand how you are feel and what you are going through. Sending lots of support x

11 months ago

Hello @redhead
welcome to our exclusive club 🙂
it takes a while to get your head round it, not sure I ever really will but smile when you can and look after yourself

11 months ago

Hi redhead you really are in the right place to find out anything you need to know about this crazy illness! It’s really good to talk as not many outside of the circle truly understand. I got angry with myself a lot for years mainly if I fell over or dropped something but realised that it just made the symptoms worse. Now I try to stay calm and breathe and be mindful. It only took 2 years to figure that one out lol. Take care

11 months ago

I think because people have said oh I know someone with MS they lead a normal life with meds… I just cant see that happening to be honest x Not back to how I used to anyway x

11 months ago

You will have plenty of support on this site. It’s a real MS site, with people whom have a mixed bag of symptoms. So you will not be alone.
This site has supported me.

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