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Hi all, im new to shift, i would like to talk and make new friends. I have recently started plegridy, cant believe how the flu like symptoms make you feel….i felt crap over the past few days. It would be nice to talk to other people, who understand what im going through. Sometimes this illness can make you feel so alone.

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2 months ago

Hello @g20-1 and welcome to Shift. New to Shift, but not new to MS I see from your profile. No experience of Plegridy I’m afraid, but plenty about what it feels like to have MS! Yes it can feel very isolating that’s true. What were you on before Plegridy? I am on Tecfidera, which is a nice convenient tablet and doesn’t really have side effects once you get going. Anyways, hope you get more replies, have a good Sunday 😊

2 months ago

Hello vixen, thankyou for your message, ive had ms for 20 years now, plegridy is the first treatment ive been on. Ive been quite lucky, compared to other ms sufferers, i have a very supportive husband and kids . The one thing i do suffer with my legs aching and throbbing at night, after being on my feet all day. I never heard of your treatment pills Tecfidera. I hope you too have a good Sunday.

2 months ago

Hi g20-1
I’m new to as well. My MS started so suddenly that in a few days from walking normal I shifted to using a cane and now with a walker! But I’m painless!
I use olive oil every night. I rub it on my feet up to my knees. It really helps and perhaps you may try as well.
My hubby is my best friend and I wish I could just hold his hand and go walking. Because of MS I couldn’t imagine myself accepting challenges of childbirth again so have one kid, he’s 9 and it’s his dream to see me walk on my own but if wishes were horses I’d own a stable.
It’s a beautiful morning here in Canada and I wish you guys have a wonderful day ☺️

2 months ago


Hi and welcome to Shift.

Feeling alone is something that we all go through, some for longer than others it would seem.

Not famliar with Plegridy myself, is that a DMT or a simpler form of medication?.
As I take Insulin for T1 Diabetes, I’m not able to take DMT’s / steroids, not been told the reasons why exactly.

Enjoy the site.

2 months ago

I was diagnosed in 2012 with RRMS. I cant comment on your medication but stay strong x

2 months ago

Hi @g20-1 .

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2 months ago

@g20-1 I was diagnosed in 2017 with RRMS , I haven’t been on plegridy but I know the feeling that this illness can make you feel alone hope your doing ok x

2 months ago

@g20-1 just wanted to say hello! I, too, like many here an new to shift but was diagnosed in 1999. I don’t have experience with plegridy but started on beta-seron, then copaxone once my body started rejecting, then tecfidera (oral) — body finally said no way to injections! I now am trying Ocrevus & have had 1 infusion. There are options out there!
Hang in & know this community is here to support!
It’s my first time engaging in the MS space overall & it’s amazing to know you definitely are not alone . Not to mention, you can get tons of great advice & tips!

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