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Lumbar puncture help.

Went to see my neuro he said he’s 99% sure I have ms. I asked him if it could be a different neurological disease and he said he’s pretty sure all the evidence points to ms. To make sure he said I could have a lumbar puncture but even then he said it can give a false negative so he said it’s up to me. I said to book one and now it’s at the end of the month questions I have is .

1. Will I be able to work the next day ?

2. Do you think it’s worth doing? He’s 99% sure it’s ms bit I kinda don’t wanna get treated for the wrong disease as such! They already found something in my blood that points to ms. I guess I’m just pretty scared of having a needle in my back n wondering whether it’s worth going through if it’ll make much difference?

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5 months ago


1) It is best to take a few days off work.
2) Lumbar puncture’s are minor overall. I watched “This is Spinal Tap” the night before to get me in the mood… 😉

5 months ago

Hi blagaman182.

I think everyone has different experiences with the lumbar. I had mine a few months ago and didnt even feel it and went back to work straight after. But ive heard some people need a bit more time.
Maybe you could book a day or 2 off but let your job know that your not sure how long you will need and might be back in sooner (depending on how sound your employer is😁)

As for the blood test. Im nearly 100% sure that there are no blood test that can test for ms(other than lumbar) but i could be wrong.

Hope this helps👍🏻

5 months ago

Don’t let the consultant do it without first being certain that they do a lot of these! A specialist nurse or better yet an anesthetist, they do this all the time. it is a practice thing. Like intubating or taking blood.

Regarding worth: MS is diagnosed by a compilation of clinical tests. Lumbar puncture – I think it enables the measurement of oligoclonal antibodies, I may be slightly wrong here – and is to set against MRI, physical examinations and so forth. I’m afraid you’ll have to suck it up and take a few days off, lying flat and drinking plenty of water.

Even if the person is a bit out of practice it isn’t painful, just uncomfortable. Stubbing your toe is far more painful.



5 months ago

There is no blood test that can check for ms. If blood tests are being taken its to rule out any other disease. I know this cause I just gave them 15 viles of blood in December. It was to check if I had a optical nerve disease or lupus and a few other things. But no, came back negative

5 months ago

I planned a couple of days off work for after mine and I was glad I did. The procedure itself was really uncomfortable but only painful a couple of times as the needle hit certain areas…but not as bad as I had anticipated if I’m honest. I thought it was worth doing it.

5 months ago

@blagaman182 , there are specific criteria that need to be fulfilled to enable a formal diagnosis of MS :-

You can see that the presence of oligoclonal bands in Cerbro-Spinal Fluid (CSF), obtained from a Lumber Puncture, can form a key part of these criteria.

However, it seems that your Neuro may discount any result as a “False Positive”. So, you need to have a discussion to find out exactly what the Lumber Puncture would achieve, in terms of the criteria for making a formal diagnosis.

5 months ago

I would definitely have it done and probably best to try to take a couple days off work just in case. I had a good experience with the lumbar puncture. I don’t work, but definitely could of gone the next day if I did and I had no side effects. Didn’t hurt, was just a a bit uncomfortable, but I’d tell the doctor and they immediately would numb it more. I’m terrified of needles and especially in my back, but I worried for nothing. They just stressed to me after to not get up for at least an hour otherwise I could get a bad headache so I didn’t get up until an hour had gone by and never got a headache. Good luck!

5 months ago

As everyone has said, we are all so different, some can get up an hour later and go back to work, others have bad headaches and need a couple of days to get over it, so yes,I would say get it done, book a couple of days of work with the proviso that you may not need them, and live in hope🤙🤞😜

5 months ago

When I had my first lumbar puncture I didn’t plan for any adverse affects. I ended up going home pretty early the first day after with alot of lower back pain. I was lucky not too but I have seen people develope a severe headache afterwards. I would suggest taking a few days to recover with some heat or ice on your back. The procedure itself wasn’t comfortable but it wasn’t like the worst pain I’ve ever felt, more of a grit your teeth and it will be over soon. I would suggest getting it done. Personally I find it beneficial to have all the pieces of the puzzle when analysing my health. Good luck with everything!

4 months ago

Sorry for the confusion. 5 years ago when I had a blood test, it had something in it which ruled out a few other things such as lupus. I don’t know why I’m so scared to have the LP I just don’t know what it’ll achieve as my neuro is already happy to diagnose me without. I just didn’t want it to be a different disease and be on the wrong course of treatment. But if it comes back negative? He’ll probably still diagnose me with ms!

4 months ago

@blagaman182 , you really need to talk to your Neuro to understand the point of having this test.

If you’re already fulfilling the McDonald criteria to be diagnosed formally, then there would seem little point in putting yourself through this procedure.

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