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Lumbar puncture

Hey I have got lumbar puncture on fri and I am a bit nervous about it, I know it has to be done though.
Any tips advice please on any questions I should be asking as my symptoms are getting worse been over a year since I had spinal mri how long do lesions take to show up if symptoms are getting worse?
I had a bizarre incident last Sunday before I went to work my hand started with a slight shake then when I arrived at work my hands were shaking uncontrollably I went to a & e because it was quite scary they said they wouldn’t interfere as I am under a neuro, it eventually settled down after about an hour I went home and slept for 4 hours afterwards and the pain going from my shoulder down my arm and hands was awful the next couple of days it was my right side which is my weaker side now that was worse any ideas ? Xx

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7 months ago


Two topics in one topic thread. The 1st is the lumbar puncture – nothing to worry about. What I did the night before was Google search “This is Spinal Tap” – then watched it on my computer.

Regarding the 2nd part, unless things are done differently over there – the spinal tap is just a medical procedure (similar to drawing blood). Those is the room have no knowledge of MS. Save your questions for the meeting with your Neurologist once they get the results…

7 months ago

I’m so afraid of needles (not so much anymore since I’m stuck with them so often), but was terrified for the spinal tap. It’s not painful and it’s nothing to be afraid of. I was told not to sit up for at least an hour after because it can cause severe headaches. It went fine and didn’t get a headache. Best of luck!

7 months ago

@niteowl , there is anecdotal evidence that caffeine can aid the recovery from the Lumber Puncture procedure. So, a bottle of Coke/Pepsi, the original stuff, not the low-cal, lo-sugar variants…….

7 months ago

@niteowl My lumber puncture went fine. I was so nervous but in hinesight it was nothing to worry about. The doctor explained exactly what was going to happen and the only thing I felt was the local anaesthetic. I had a headache about 2 days later which a hirizontal lie down in the store room in work sorted out!!! The thought of it is worse than the actual procedure itself x

7 months ago

@niteowl There is sugar coating it, it isn’t the most amazing thing. It is necessary and I console myself with that. Do as they ask and I’m sure it’ll be over before you know.

On a separate note: about 2-3 days afterwards you may get some pretty strong headaches due to the small depletion of cerebrospinal spinal fluid (csf). Be sure to drink plenty of water afterwards. It doesn’t do that to everyone.



7 months ago

Hi @niteowl,

I had one about 7 months ago and although I was slightly nervous, it really wasn’t particularly painful or uncomfortable. Admittedly, there is something deeply unsettling about lying in the foetal position while someone takes fluid from your spine with a needle, but I wouldn’t be worried about having one again. That being said I did experience crushing headaches for about 5 days afterwards (only when upright).

Good luck and try not to worry too much about it 🙂

7 months ago

hi im new here but i asked a anaesthetist once about lumber puncture and coke cola, i was having an epidural at the time, you hear a lot of ms advice about it being helpful to drink it…..his response was a shake of the head and “you would have to drink A LOT!”

7 months ago

Hello @niteowl. I was given very strong advice to lay flat for a few days after the LP. I ignored this advice as I felt absolutely fine afterwards. Anyways, 2 days later arrived the headache to end all headaches, which lasted 4 days. Please do need this advice. You may be fine and unaffected – hopefully, but don’t take the risk and follow all the advice you’re given. All the best, you will be fine x

7 months ago

Thank you for your advice and support I have two tests tommorow the visual one to check the damage done by optic neuritis and the lumbar puncture afterwards …..
I will go and get a large bottle of coke to take with me.
Will have to take it easy then afterwards I took a weeks holidays and then they cancelled my appointment and made it the following week so due back on mon 😬 Xx

6 months ago

Hey folkies
Glad it’s over with, the actual procedure wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be thank you for all the advice I think the Coca Cola helped, the walk to Tesco to get it was another story we don’t sell normal come in the hospital anymore only diet or that zero rubbish 🙄 unfortunately I have been hit with the dreaded headache 🤕 the only thing that has helped today is lying down feel like I have thumped over the head with a sledgehammer when I stand up / sit up ….. hopefully tom will be better eh. ? Xx

6 months ago

I found the spinal tap to be more queasy and disconcerting; wasn’t really painful

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