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Hi: my name is Chelsey. I am 28 (as of yesterday) and I have been officially diagnosed for 3 years. I am currently not on medication; work full time as a 911 dispatcher after having to leave the medial field after 9 years. I am having extreme bouts of nausea, dizziness, and just an overall weak stomach. I’m also having nearly constant nose bleeds and I stay so cold all of the time. Heaven forbid I turn on the heater because it will feel as if I’m going to pass out after 2 minutes.

I just don’t know what to do anymore. I feel like a constant nuisance to my husband and my family. I’m lost.

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7 months ago

Recently someone posted in that they were a “bobby” and weren’t sure if they could continue in that line of work and were frustrated. There were a lot of suggestions but the one I tossed out there was a dispatcher as it wouldn’t have the same physical requirements but could use their experience and judgement which, sometimes, is sadly lacking. So it is interesting that is a way you found to apply your training and experience. I say, good for you! Doesn’t sound like what you intended to do but it certainly adds value and you can make a difference there!

Have you had a frank discussion with your husband and family? I bet they don’t find you a nuisance and appreciate what you can do. I used to be a strong partner to my husband as we were building and maintaining our house and farmstead but he understands that now if I tried to do some of these things it would be dangerous and I would wear out pretty fast. I have shifted to doing more of the shopping and cleaning which he hates and having to do that would pull him from what he likes to do and is good at. So we have made some changes that work for us.

You have to also acknowledge that MS itself can have symptoms of depression and isolation and your feelings may be coming from that and not from others. I have learned to “down shift” a bit and contribute in the ways that I can and make a difference. Right now I am updating my daughter’s digital scrapbook before she graduates next spring. This will be something she can carry with her for life and I know she will appreciate this gift as she transitions into adult life.

Not sure what to suggest as a way you feel you can contribute in a way that you can but if you discuss you feelings with them I bet some ideas come up. As we continue to evolve in life all of us need to accept new challenges and for us that includes MS. Others have their challenges as well so should understand

7 months ago

try ginkgo tea ( plant not bags). two cups daily.;)

7 months ago

I have have some symptoms of nausea nausea also, it comes and goes. The heat thing is very serious for me. The cold in now my friend. Be are around heat from now on. I have found the showers and heat from the sun make me feel very sick very quickly. I take Luke warm showers and stay inside around when it’s hot out. There have been many times when I wake up feeling like I have a fever and so sick, I put an ice back on both my shoulder or a cold cloth and it helps a lot. I wish you the best hope this helps. Have a blessed day.

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