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Losing friends

Hey. Have any of you lost a considerable number of friends since being diagnosed? I was only diagnosed in December last year (best Christmas present ever) and in six months I’ve lost all friends and the only thing I can put it down to is the MS.
Just to put it into context I’m a 21yo guy and I didn’t stop doing anything after the diagnosis but my friends seem to have just effed off.

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3 months ago


I never had a large group of Friends before diagnosis to begin with, the ones I did have moved on with their lives. Still in a small amount of contact with them via Facebook etc, but now we are more acquaintances than friends.

3 months ago

Yes… me and my friends would talk in a group chat, but I’m never invited places by them anymore, I know the majority of the time I would say no so I guess that’s why but when I opened up to them about my condition I said it would still be nice to be involved, doesn’t happen anymore. None of them ask how ive been doing since diagnosis, it sad because I would like to be surrounded by a few who actually care about you but I find it extremely hard making new friends.

3 months ago

It’s lack of awareness and ignorance. Friends are embarrassed by not knowing what to, and what not to, say. So, they stay away………….

3 months ago

Yes, a lot of my friends stopped talking to me after I was diagnosed.

3 months ago

YES. I’m sorry for you guys, but I’m also relieved to read that so many people share the same problem: maybe I’m not a bad person after all.
I used to share everything with them, but now we barely talk about simple things…

3 months ago

@tedible – there is an old adage that there are three types of friends.

1 – Friends for a season
2 – Friends for a reason
3 – Friends for life.

I can count my friends for life on two hands and have spare fingers. I am 50. Either I am a particularly irascible old bastard or, as I like to think, the real friends are few and far between.

If someone stops being friendly because you have an MS diagnosis then they were never really a friend.

3 months ago

I’m actually very lucky, I have a great circle of friends that are there when I need them. We still meet up, which as mummies, and trying to work is very hard to schedule 😂😂. They’re not bothered about my MS, in fact they couldn’t care less and understand when I’m tired.
Best advice to us MS girlies is to choose you’re friends wisely as the chances are they will outlast your husband, speaking personally here lol! He left for greener grass halfway through my diagnosis, not knowing about the MS and me feeling down about it all at first probably didn’t help because nowadays you can chuck the world at me and I’ll find the positives somewhere 😊.
I talk a lot about my MS, I’m not shy and I think that helps people to understand too 😊.

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