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Looking for advice

Hi all
Looking to pick your brains, again !
Has anyone been prescribed Oxybutynin for bladder problems?
I have an appointment with Urology in a few weeks but my consultant has suggested I try this in the mean time.
The list of possible side effects are longer than my arm ! Was wondering what people’s experience with it are.
Good, bad or warnings welcome please.
Cheers guys x

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3 months ago

@tina_gunn , don’t get too over-concerned about all the possible side-effects. The manufacturers have a legal obligation to quote anything which might happen. And, I mean anything!

If you looked at the potential side-effects of a headache tablet, you’ll probably find that it may cause a headache!!

I was on Oxybutynin many years ago. It may have given me a bit of a dry mouth, but it did tend to “quieten down” my bladder and give me some relief.

So, concentrate on the positives and give it a go. 😉

3 months ago

Use the magnifying glass top left type in Oxybutynin and it will take you other posts made about it.
I’m sure others will add more info shortly.
Hope that helps

3 months ago

Thank you @stumbler and @highlander
Guess it’s worth a try. I’m wearing a trough in the stair carpet I’m up and down so many times!!
Fingers (and legs) crossed it helps 🤞Cheers again. Tina x

3 months ago

@tina_gunn , well, it should save a bit of your carpet and extend its life.

It’s a good idea to keep your legs crossed, it stops the oxybutynin from falling out!

Only kidding – it’s an oral medication. lol 🤣

3 months ago

@stumbler that did make me chuckle. Thanks.
Only problem is chuckling makes me need a wee……………😲😲 gotta run !!!

3 months ago

@tina_gunn , we have to laugh at things like this or there’s no point.

I’ve been trialling a new contraceptive pill for men. You put it in your shoe and it makes you go limp! 🤣

3 months ago

Stop it 🤣🤣 I am going to bill you for a new stair carpet if you carry on !

3 months ago

@tina_gunn , well, I’m looking for an alternative to condoms.

It’s the little extra bit on the end of the condom, you have to put your foot on it to pull them off. With my MS balance, I keep falling over! 🤣

3 months ago

@stumbler lol 😂

3 months ago


Your urologist needs to check if it’s a storage or retention problem as the treatment is very different.
If it is a storage problem then the oxybutynin may help.
If it does work but the side effects are intolerable then solifenacin which is in the same class is supposed to have the least side effects. ( although the dry mouth at first is horrendous) it’s not recommended as first line by NICE as it’s more expensive.
Good luck finding the right solution for you.

I took solicenafin for repeated UTI- which made my bladder overactive – no side effects at all.. this was 5 years ago… well before me suspecting Ms today…
I would try the drug prescribed if I were you.. if anything goes wrong, you just stop taking it. Good luck

3 months ago

Hi Tina —

May I suggest an ebook for you. I think you’ll find it illuminating and quite helpful. It’s “Bowel and Bladder Issues in Multiple Sclerosis by Two Pee Brains With Potty Mouths Talking Shit About MS” Here’s the link: It talks about medications, exercises you can do to help yourself, correct toilet positioning – everything!! Best of luck. Hope it helps.

3 months ago

Thank you all.
Your advice is very useful.
Love the title of the book @fums will definitely have a read.
Cheers guys.
P.s really glad I found this site. It’s so nice to be able to communicate with people who have been there/done that, definitely feeling much less alone xx

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