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Hi all,

One of my rare visits to shift these days, so I hope you’re all doing as well as you can.

A quick question for you:

I go to MS Society meetings locally but find there is no-one around in my age group or younger. As much as they are a friendly bunch, and helpful I am the “youngster” of the group and i’m early 50s! Anyone else get lonely for a fellow MSer of a similar age or are you happy to always mix with older folk?


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5 months ago

@ahuk , the reason that this demographic happens is that this country expects the younger sufferers to be out working.

But, having said that, the elder MS sufferer has a life of experience in managing MS.

5 months ago

Hi Alan

I hate to see the word lonely in anyones post, it pains me.

I am moving around the UK quite a bit a the moment, and maybe in your neighbourhood…. if you want to hook for a pint and a football viewing or whatever, let me know…. PM me.


5 months ago

Keep going to the meetings as a voice for your age group. I used to be in the same situation. I applaud you as these gathering should be to encourage more members in your area. Trouble with our ms meetings we dont know there happening. DUH.

5 months ago

Hi @ahuk, well, I am your age and feel great that you’ve just described us as youngsters, so thanks! Maybe it’s an age and stage thing, that youngsters with a diagnosis may not want to be surrounded by other MSs so much as their own friendship groups, living more ‘normal’ lives? I guess that’s the advantage of social media forums,there are no limits or boundaries, just people behind their writing. Anyhow, you raise a good point. Hope you’re having a good weekend

5 months ago

Hi Alan, the Outsiders club is trying to get more inclusive socials (not just limited to MS) around the UK, so maybe see if it might be something that can kick off in your neck of the woods. At the moment they meet in London, Midlands, and a few other places.

Age range is varied but some younger members, and increasing numbers.

Current lunches:

5 months ago

Thank you all for your replies. I will investigate the suggestions.

If any of you ever visit east Devon message me if you fancy a coffee,beer G&T etc.
Thanks again

5 months ago

I’m an arabian lady
And I’ve always liked to keep my MS a secret between me and my family
Its been 15 years since I was 17

5 months ago

Some of the problem is that people go into denial about ms especially during RRMS stage and don’t enter more progressive stages until they hit their 50’s or 60’s. Hope for a cure seems possible so life goes on. Accepting the disease comes as progression comes. Very tricky disease .

5 months ago

Not everyone goes into denial about it progressing, it may progress or not so why sit around, might aswell get on with life! I’m not afraid or care if people know I have it and I think it’s what’s helps too. My family and friends, people at work, heck even when I come across strangers. I think that’s what helps you and others accept it. It doesn’t have to be a lonely place, meet knew people that don’t have MS, just because fellow msers understand what we’re going through, doesn’t mean we have to stay in this MS bubble, there’s a whole world out there 😊.
I think what matters more, is that you surround yourself with the right people 😊.

5 months ago

Keep going, when I used to go regularly but with my local group they, like my husband and family, dropped me like a stone when I dared to get Breast Cancer as well. Neither could deal with 2 diseases. So make the most of what you’ve got whilst you’ve got it. You never know when it’s going to disappear into oblivion🥊👹😜

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