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Lions Mane mushrooms..

Hi everyone

I stumbled across (pun intended) an episode of a popular podcast which happened to be talking about Lions Mane mushrooms and how they have been found/rumoured to contain compounds which regenerate myelin. Obviously my interest was aroused!
I get the impression it’s being marketed quite legally as a ‘mind sharpener’ and as a supplement to improve brain/neurological health.
I wandered if anyone has heard if it before and knows of any clinical trials particularly in the treatment of or remedy to MS and some of its symptoms – particularly cognitive ability?

I suffer with what I’m now told is known as ‘MS fog’ or ‘brain fog’ particularly in hot weather and when in busy or stressful situations. It’s extremely hard to describe but generally it feels like I can’t open the taps fully on my though processes. I don’t claim to have been the sharpest tool in the box ever but I’d like to be running on all cylinders if at all possible!

I just wanted to gather a little more information before lining the pockets of an already quite comfortably off supplements company! To be fair they are relatively reasonably priced..

NOTE: I am a realist. I know there are no miracle cures for our disease and I have better things to do than search for one. Any little extras we can do to help ourselves have got to be worth looking into right?

Over to you!

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8 months ago

Dear @flatt79,

I’ve never heard of these, but will look out for them now. Hopefully someone will be able to give us more information.

Best wishes,


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