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Legs are popping!! LOL

My family of 4 has just one car now, and we decided to drop her off at Mechanics last night to have her in place to inspect today,then walked home. Well, I had to be at work this morning 7-11am. So i walked up and walked back, now I’m home. My legs are just popping like they are popcorn right now! Lol, it doesnt help that we have to wear jeans, they are so hot!

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6 months ago

@laurianne25 , after that much walking, take it easy this evening. Shoes off, feet up, 😉

6 months ago

Just had to walk up to mechanic 1 more time to collect the car, she passed! So we were able to drive back. NOW my legs are up, and I’m rooted to my recliner for the evening!

6 months ago

Hi @laurianne25 👋

I know eactly what you mean by “popping” as the same thing used to happen to me. I was diagnosed in 2001 (at the age of 33) but way before that I used to attend a weekly aerobics class to workout. I would have been about 22-23 years old then. After class, I would always notice a popping in my legs and I would ask my mates if they were experiencing the same. Nobody had ever experienced anything like it. It happened to me after every class. Another way to describe the feeling is that it felt like small (thin) elastic bands in my legs being twanged. In 1997 I had my CIS and I was officially diagnosed with MS in 2001. So I may have had MS back then, but didn’t know it. 🙁

6 months ago


Aww, you probably did! 23 years ago when I was 26, I was diagnosed with Ocular MG due to double vision and droopy eyelid. I was prescribed Mestinon for it as needed, but never had to use it. So my dr and I think possibly the MG was misdiagnosed back then and it was actually MS. I was just dx with MS in February 2019.

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