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Leg weakness/ stiffness

Hello, I’m recently diagnosed back in jan 2019, I’ve got my head round most of the emotional ups and downs, now just want to conquer this ms or try to start, I’ve had all my up to date mri just waiting to see consultant with results, my main issue are my legs I have weakness were after doing housework or being on them for an hour and moving my back buckles and right leg starts to give way does anybody else have this issue? I also recently have very tight burning legs which are very heavy mainly in one leg, until I need to have a sit down, I’m not physically tired at this point my mind can carry on but my legs won’t?!?! Very frustrating when you try to do what you used to! I’ve tried Gabepentin for the nerve pain but made my concentration terrible and spaced out which didn’t help with work so I’ve recently changed to Pregabalin but I’m not sure if that’s making me dizzy and burning sensations seem to be stronger 🤪😱😡very frustrating but found everyone’s chats on here very useful any hints of tips appreciated 👍

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8 months ago

Hi and welcome.
Feel free to ask anything you like.
It would seem you’ve had a look around already..
The tight burning sensation you have in your leg could be caused by spascisity in your muscles.
Does your calfs feel a little tight or knotted especially on one side?
We’re all here to try and help when we can.

8 months ago

Hi , thanks for your reply, yes tightness in calf’s and upper legs also across both legs more recently but if the left leg that’s weaker, I keep asking physio etc does it help to push my legs more to make them stronger or not as in does more exercise help. Thanks for your help I’ll look up spasticity again 👍

8 months ago

Best thing to do is stretch them like you would for a warm up and cool down when you use a gym or go for a run as such.
You could ask your gp or your Neuro when you see them.
I’ve been prescribed baclofen which helps a little with that.

8 months ago

Thanks for the advice 👍

7 months ago

Hi @clairepilling I have lots of leg problems but now that I’ve got a diagnosis, I am finding it easier to work out what helps and what doesn’t. I think it’s an individual balancing act to learn how much exercise and activity keeps you going, and also where the tipping point is. Overdoing it has left me stranded, exhausted and embarrassed in the past! My advice is to keep moving, use stretching exercises to help your muscles, and be kind to yourself. If you are having a slow day, try not to feel too despondent as the next day can be better. It’s all trial and error, but listen to your body and enjoy doing what you can rather than worrying about what you can’t.
I tried Baclofen, but the reduction of the spasticity made my legs weaker and seriously undermined my confidence. My neuro decided it was the spasticity that was keeping me upright! I am still working full time and use a Fitbit to remind myself to move about regularly and monitor how many steps I am doing. Some days, it’s not very many but that’s ok – that’s how it is for nonMSers too! Good luck, Dx

6 months ago

Hi @d1zzy

Thanks for your reply sorry i’ve not been on here for a while but as you say i’m learning to work out what helps and what doesn’t and like you i’ve used a fitbit for a couple of months now to try and monitor how man steps i’m doing. It really helps especially when i’ve have a busy day I can expect not to be as active the day after.
I’m accepting it’s all about adjusting!

Thanks x

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