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Late on in life. Newly diagnosed.

I’m new on here & although I’m in my late 40s I have recently been diagnosed with RRMS after suffering from a severe loss of balance that lasted about 8 weeks. I am currently taking Tecfidera which is good for me with just flushing being my only side effects.
I have been told that most people have had it from a younger age .
I cannot think of any earlier relapses in my life .
Are there many people on here that have been diagnosed later on in life?

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1 month ago

Hi @lisa27 , MS is capable of all manner of manifestations and is different for everyone.

Unfortunately, not all MS damage produces recognisable symptoms. It can progress in “stealth mode”.

1 month ago

I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2009 when I was 43. I have been stable for the last 8 years. My medication has been changed as I had 3 relapses in the last 2 years.

1 month ago

Hi, late 40’s is not late in life

1 month ago

Hi, diagnosed at 50 with no real previous. Then I remember I had one strange thing 20 years ago but nothing else. Most folks are in their twenties or thirties when diagnosed. So probably your good fortune that it has lain dormant…

1 month ago

I was 49 (8 years ago) and have been stable until slight effects recently. As I was outside the norm, the Neuorologists dug around deeper for reasons other than MS but ended up with the same conclusion of MS.

1 month ago

Hi Lisa hope u are well
I was diagnosed at 44 but looking back in my early 30s i was diagnosed with shingles 🙄(no spots) i believe that was my first episode as its the same sensation of burning i feel regularly today

1 month ago

Hi @lisa27 I was 44 when I was diagnosed 18 months ago . I noticed signs 7 years after my dad died then got worse after my mam died …
My aunt has progressive ms she was diagnosed in early 50s

1 month ago

Hi @lisa27 I was diagnosed age 44. I’ve had a couple of major relapses in 2014 when I was diagnosed as a result of bells palsy in my face, but now I take. Aubagio which has really slowed symptoms down alot for me.
Now I have a diagnosis life is easier to manage as I can manage my symptoms – it’s harder when we have no idea of what is happening to us I think!

Hi Lisa

I too was diagnosed ‘later’ in life. For me it all actually makes sense now, but back in 2012 when I was DX and 42 years old, I couldn’t quite work out where this had come from. It didn’t help that the doctor in the emergency room said (whilst they were trying to work out was was wrong with me) “Or you might have MS but you’re getting a bit old for that…”

Reach out any time.


1 month ago

Hi I was diagnosed just under a year ago at the age of 43 after a relapse the previous year. I could confirm one period of numbness two years previously that’s it. I have also had pre eclampsia twice (my sons are 13 and 7) with no hint this was brewing. I’m on Tecfidera too and apart from the odd bout of diarrhoea which I’m sure is linked in with my monthly cycle I think it suits me well.

1 month ago

I’ve just been diagnosed and I’m 58!!!
Had transverse myelitis when I was 50 but told isolated incidence. Then mysterious left flank pain over last 4 years finally flagged up 3 lesions.
So guess I’m another one who started ‘late in life’. Starting Ocrevus infusions soon and having spinal cord implant for pain.
Whilst I’m struggling with letting go of future plans and dreams, I’m so grateful that I was healthy whilst raising my family- I really feel for youngsters having to deal with MS and trying to live their lives.
So, I’m preparing for what may come and letting go of my ‘old plans’ which really stinks!!! But thank god i’ve already done so much before this struck.
I’m having a tattoo!!- it says
“Just keep swimming!”

1 month ago

I think I have you all beat…LOL…
I was diagnosed a year ago…at 60…

We are all Warriors! Stay Strong!


1 month ago

Thank you all for your replies & it’s good to know that others have been diagnosed ‘later’ on in life too.
I know late 40’s is not old ! Lol & I certainly don’t intend to let MS stop me just yet.

1 month ago

I was diagnosed at the age of 55 but I has symptoms as early as my 20’s, my GP wouldn’t even give me a referral to a neuro for testing. He would just tell me those problems like numb hands and MS hugs I had weren’t caused by MS. Finally I got to see a neuro for another problem and he diagnosed me with MS. When I told my GP that I had been diagnosed with MS he told me it doesn’t matter they can’t do anything for me. That is when I changed my GP. I am 67 and was on Rebif for 5 years and Tecfidera for 6 years. I am still walking, not as much as I want and I have a lot of problem with heat. I live a pretty average life style and l work in my pottery studio daily. Potter

1 month ago

I was diagnosed a week before my 49th birthday last July. It was a total surprise- I thought I had a pinched nerve in my neck. (Arm and hand numbness)

Of course, now that I can look back I can point to the numbness I had in my left leg back in 2011 that eventually went away. And my right leg has been weird for years, but assumed because of disc compression.

I’m glad I was in the process of getting a diagnosis when my left torso/arm/hand went numb because I would have had no idea what was happening!

I feel fortunate that I didn’t have to chase a diagnosis for years as some others have.

1 month ago

Hi all. Just been diagnosed with RRMS in January at aged 50 after suffering fatigue and mild balance issues which I assumed were complications from a concussion I had last May. Bit of a shock as hadn’t been aware of any previous symptoms although neurologist thinks I’ve possibly had it for up to ten years and that my long standing depression (antidepressants for last 15 years!) could be part of it. Awaiting appointment to see MS nurse then joy of lumbar puncture and Ocrevus to look forward to! Glad to know I’m not the only ‘oldie’ to have been diagnosed! Good luck to all. Xx

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