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10 months ago

@highlander , good luck with it. I hope it works for you.

10 months ago

Nice one, hope it helps.

10 months ago

thanks @stumbler and to everyone one else who have passed over tips and insight to what to expect, thanks all.
I now know what a flush is.
Left hand side all over is itchy.
Nose is running like a stream.
Other than that I’m feeling ok!!
Keep smiling!

10 months ago

@highlander, hopefully by the time you read this, the effects have passed. Good luck, I’ve never had any problems, hope the same for you 🙂

10 months ago

@highlander , I know what a flush is too, it’s holding a hand of cards all of the same suit.

But, in this card game called Tecifdera, having flushes is preferable to having runs! 😉

10 months ago

Go for it mate. I’m 7 months in and no regrets. Fight the good fight😍

10 months ago

A sausage and egg McDonald breakfast put paid to the flushing, other more healthy options are available but this one works fine for me!
So far so good……

10 months ago

Great news, hope it works well for you. I’ll be joining the Tec club on the 23rd 💃🏻

10 months ago

anti histamines control my flushing to 1/4 of what it would be without.

Take your time and acknowledge the fatigue when it kicks in as your body starts to adjust to the tecfidera, it usually settles around week 8.

Did your MS nurse give you the new tecfidera information pack? It’s actually really good and it would have been really useful had I received it before I started the tecfidera, rather than at my 6 month checkup! 😂

Any how, just go with it, wherever it takes you!

Vivien xxxx

10 months ago

Hi ladies and gents,
@lightning87 Here was me thinking you were already started, well all the advice that has been passed over to me is working so far.
Eat Alpen with milk , loads of nuts and the occasional macy’d it seems to be working for me so far…Just got to plan a trip to weight watchers now tho!
Oh and while I remember my hospital don’t deliver meds you must pick them up from the pharmacy.
Chatham Maritime just to put the word out for anyone else who is about to partake from around this area.
Apparently it’s the only hospital in the country that doesn’t….which doesn’t come as a surprise!
Any way thanks for all the advice from all!
Keep smiling

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