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2 months ago

I’m guessing you’ve just met yours then?
You can change them I guess but you might have to wait a while.
Any reason why you want to change?
Just have to build up a bit of rapport with them a lot of the time.

2 months ago

thanks for the reply
ive met my nurse briefly
had a 5 min chat in the hospital (she was in a rush)
arrange to be there when results of what type of ms i had (never turned up)
over 2 months later,not had a single phone call or visit
so not the best start

2 months ago

I don’t think you need to change… You need to find one!
Make a complaint to the hospital.
Put it through PALS explain to them calmly and politely what has gone on with your good self.
They are fairly good at getting answers and chasing people up.
I’ve used it for a similar reason, people were queuing up to see me.
I’m sure you’ll get more local based advice soon.

2 months ago

@paddymanc Doesn’t sound great. You can contact the MS Trust who specialise in supporting MS nurses. They will be able to tell you more.

An issue with many MS Nurses – more an issue in the North – is that their personal caseload is higher than is reasonable. I’m afraid the squeaky wheel gets the oil in these circumstances. You may have to make more of an effort to initiate and sustain contact. That is the way it is in many parts of the country.

Good luck.

2 months ago

Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience with your nurse. Contact the hospital and say you don’t feel your nurse is giving adequate support.
My ms nurse is fantastic. My consultant on the other hand is vile. Hope you get a nurse you get on with

2 months ago

@highlander i might take that step,i am having a nurse led appointment at end of the month
so i will wait to find what support thanks for your reply

2 months ago

Most of us have been there…
It’s a shame sometimes that you have to moan…..I know, but sometimes that’s all you can do.
Wish you luck.
Remember calmly and politely to a point then start throwing your toys out the pram😃

2 months ago

Mines ok for a scouser lol. Only kidding. He says as it is which I don’t mind. I feel comfortable with him. I see him every 12 months or if needed I just make an appointment.

2 months ago

I saw mine once, last year after I was diagnosed and haven’t heard from her since

2 months ago

My MS nurse is fab. She’s been with me every step of the way from my CIS diagnosis in 2017 through the minefield that is DMTs to meeting me when I go for my Ocrevus infusions. She replies to my numerous emails with various random queries. I don’t know how I would have coped being newly diagnosed without her support. I will miss her as and when she retires.

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