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Is it MS Hug??

Hiya… I am in a bit of a quandary. I am experiencing what I think is Hug along with other symptoms..but I am also doubting myself. So a description, does this sound familiar?? I have a spot in my back that is numb but sore (just between my shoulder blades to the left of my spine) Inside my chest, sort of under the same area, I feel squeezed, pressured, achy, like I am needing to take a deep breath but can’t, or like my chest is filled with concrete, it sometimes gets very sore…enough to make me have to stop in my tracks. The pain runs into my shoulder and to my thumb. I also get flashes of pain into my neck and head. And I am so very very tired. This has been going on for three or four weeks. There is no particular trigger eg exercise..or movement.
I know that there is plenty of bits on here about Hug but the descriptions don’t seem to match what I am feeling. I have had short episodes exactly the same as this before..but none that go on for so long, or with such frequency. One intense previous episode was about 10 years ago when I ended up in the cardiac uni for four days…. They found NO cardiac explanation ( scans,eCG,ett) for the pains what so ever. I was only diagnosed DEC 2017.. So that episode had now been post diagnosed as MS related.
Cheers Emma T

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11 months ago

@pikilily , it sounds like the MS Hug to me. You’ll find more details here which might help you make up your mind:-

10 months ago

sounds like ‘hug’ to me too, along with the severe tiredness aka ‘fatigue’
if you think you’re having a relapse/flare up have you contacted your neurologist or MS nurse? it may be time for a different DMD.
also for the pain – aka ‘hug’ you could ask for neuropathic pain relief such as Amitriptyline, this is what my neurologist suggested for me, helps to take the edge off a bit
good luck

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