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Hey guys I’m new to this site. Lately I have been experiencing insomnia and I’m wondering if anybody else does to and if so what do you do about it? I’ve tried a lot of things but I am still suffering. So if anybody any advice that would be greatly appreciated.
I am new to this site so hi everybody my name is Kirsten and I was diagnosed in be 2006. Started treatment with rebif and am now Gilynia

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6 months ago

Hi @kirsten_oakland and welcome.

Insomnia isn’t good for us, as we do need some quality sleep. There may be some suggestions here for you :-

6 months ago


Welcome… Insomnia, waking up in the middle of the night, lack of sleep or whatever has been part of my life forever. It has never affected my work, relationships, etc…

So the question is; are you able to take naps to refresh? Or is this causing a problem?

6 months ago

yes i’m experiencing Insomnia lately but I consume loads of caff
I guess MS is innocent in my case

6 months ago

2 cups of tea + American coffee + Arabian coffee x2
3:30 am here
Gotta wake up at 5 am 🌚

6 months ago

I suffer various degrees of insomnia, my technique is simple. What ever you are thinking or pondering through the night just repeat over and over in your head “who cares”.
I can do this over and over to ANYTHING that pops into my head and it doesn’t matter if you repeat it arrogantly, considerately, in a questioning manner or in a little tune but I can never remember the last time I repeat this before drifting off to sleep again.
This technique probably has a name but I hope you find what works for you?

6 months ago

I managed to sleep for a lil time

6 months ago

Hello @kirsten_oakland, do you think you are anxious about anything, even unknowingly? I take amitriptyline for headaches, but it has a great side effect of causing drowsiness, so a double winner for me.

6 months ago

Thank you all for your help amaretto one? Hmmmm I don’t get the headaches too often but maybe my doctor will subscribe for the sleep effect.

6 months ago

I gave up trying to get myself to sleep and just use non addictive over the counter sleeping pills now. Life is Much better with sleep!

6 months ago

@kirsten_oakland we’re actually looking to collect a range of recorded audio to use to inspire visuals for a film about MS and insomnia.

If you fancy getting involved, all you need is your 📱 and Facebook Messenger. Send us a voice message to let us know #whatkeepsyouawake – go to Facebook messenger, select then select the 🎙 and hold to send us an audio message.

Get in touch any time of day, but you’re encouraged to make the call at night, when you find yourself unable to sleep…

6 months ago

Hi @kirsten_oakland I’ve recently been diagnosed with RRMS however have been on high dose steroids for a while to treat uveitis. They really interfere with my sleep pattern and I was waking up two / three times half way through the night when I needed to be sleeping. I was exhausted all over Xmas so I tried a neroli sleeping balm I had seen recommended. All natural ingredients so hopefully saves the need for tablets first. I found it really helped and allowed me to increase the number of hours sleep I was getting within a couple of nights of using on the wrists, soles of the feet and behind the neck and in the temples of you suffer from any headaches. It was £10 in the uk here is the link –

Hope it helps x

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