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In need of people's opinions

I had my first appointment after being diagnosed and I have been given the option of 2 different course of treatment, but would love it if people could give me their experience with each of them to help me decide (yes I know we all will act differently)

I’ve been given the option between
– Tecfidera
– Ocrevus

So what are you thought?


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1 year ago

Whatever medication you decide to go with is perfectly fine I believe. Just get on a medication and reduce the stress and worries about it. You will be fine.
Best Jorge

1 year ago

Well we just brought our first house so stress levels are high at the moment, haha

1 year ago

Nat91 firstly hello and hope this finds you well, I talk about is Tecfidera, it was an awful experience and I go into some detail, but, and as you rightly point out, we are all different. All I would say is do not be bullied into taking one over the other, make your own decisions, I stopped Tecfidera almost a year ago and take CBD oil, now, and I am fighting my decision, I think I may need another, we will see.
But please read my monthly blog and if you can from the start. I wish you luck in whatever you choose and know we are always here

1 year ago

I have been on the tecfadera it was not the best but every one is different I am just starting the ocrevaus myself and I am not going to try to get you to lean towards one or the other but I will give you the best advice I ever received read everything you can do the research yourself and choose what will best suits you and good luck with your journey

1 year ago

Congratulations Nat
Sit back and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

1 year ago

And yes Roger not a fan of Tecfidera myself. Taking Ocrezilumab now

1 year ago

I was just diagnosed this year and am taking Tecfidera. So far it’s not bad at all…flushing is my main side effect, it’s annoying but minor. I like that it’s a pill and I take it twice daily, just another one to add to my other pills. I took allergy shots for years & shots are just a headache to me. I like the pills better. I guess I’ll find out how it’s working later this year when I have my next MRI. Good luck!

1 year ago

I’m on Ocrevus and so far it’s been working really well for me. I’ve had no disease progression since starting and it’s helped with a lot of my symptoms and made some disappear. I no longer need my walker since starting either. I was on Tec, but only for a short time because I relapsed. The only side effect that gave me was an upset stomach and stomach pains. Ocrevus is easier for me since I don’t have to remember to take a pill and I only go in every 6 months. Good luck!

1 year ago

Wish I could advice I was daignosed 15 years ago thats a huge differnt
I just started my first regular treatment you can say and its Gilenya I trief Tec but it was too rough on my stomach so I stopped it. Im so under weight maybe thats why

1 year ago

Hello read as much as you can, they both have pros and cons. I had exactly the same decision to make 10 months ago went for tec as the other option increases risk of Breast cancer and I’m already on the radar for that! Its going well on tec only side effect random flushing ( prickly heat) however after watching Aaron Boster md on you tube I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have decided the other way and hit this with the big guns so to speak. Good luck with whatever you choose x

1 year ago


I was on Tec for 7y and Ocrevus now for coming up 6 months.

Re the comment about Aaron Boster – he had an excellent set of videos on his YouTube channel, I urge you to see them – in the remark above.

Essentially: the thinking is shifting strongly to hit it hard, hit it fast for the best effect on the progress of the disease.

Have you really been told to choose? Have you not received a steer towards one or the other? Hmmm.

I’d ask the neuro to give you a reason for the suggestion of both. Insist they explain what the potential implications and benefits are and why they suggested those two out of 18 potential meds.

My personal opinion is to leap at Ocrevus. It is far less shag and hassle than remembering to take tablets twice a day!

Good luck.

1 year ago

Thanks everyone for all your opinions, really has helped me and i shall let you know my chose treatment

1 year ago

I’m recently diagnosed, and I have to see that threads like these where people have the choice on their treatment blow my mind! I’m torn between being excited that we have control ourselves, and freaked out that I don’t feel qualified to make decisions like that.
Best of luck with your choice, and hope it goes well.

1 year ago

@nat91 He MS trust tool might help The best advice I was given – find a DMT that suits your lifestyle

I’m on Tecfidera since Jan 2018 and only side effect is flushing & no new lesions in Jan 2019…

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