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In limbo!!!

I am currently waiting on a diagnosis. 10 years ago suffered from numbness from waist down, went away time got appointment with neurologist bit Ms was mentioned. 2 years ago same happened, again by time seen neurologist symptoms passed but he sent me for MRI. In the middle of all this I took a seizure to back and shooting pains down my leg and numbness of feet…so results are back and have a disc herniated bottom of back which he as said is the cause of numbness in feet and pain at that time, although there is some changes around head area but didn’t want to discuss further as may not be. Took bloods which have all come back clear. I now am thinking am I forgetting things or is ms causing this, have I dropped something and is this because of ms, while back had dizzy spell is his part of it. I didn’t mention these things, should I? Help me I really think my head is about to explode! I’m also trying to play the whole thing down as don’t want hubby r parents to worry until all is finalised. Arrrrhhhhh

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11 months ago

Please tell your doctor any and everything! I hide behind humor and I damn near made bff’s with ALL my doctors as I will be seeing them often. Although I take things serious, it was easier to feel comfortable with them by essentially making light of the situation (which you don’t HAVE to do of course). I never kept anything from them, andd always explained how I felt and what I was experiencing. It helped them with my diagnoses and course of treatment. It was/is difficult at times, but thats to be expected. I was diagnosed in May and I’ve made a lot of changes iin life, but they are all good ones. It’s important to be selfish when it comes to taking care of yourself. Positive thoughts your way! 🙂

11 months ago

Couldn’t agree more; be concise but open about the problems/history/the results of medical exams you already have. If you don’t give the neuros the best info – you won’t get a DX (of whatever it is you have).

Good luck!

11 months ago

@clward , consider keeping a symptom diary, so that all these “weird” things are recorded, then you can ensure that they are all reported to your Doctor/Neuro.

The body is a complicated piece of machinery and diagnosing conditions is very much a case of putting together the pieces of a jigsaw. If you can supply some more jigsaw pieces, the picture may become clearer quicker.

11 months ago

Thanks so much my head is just spinning, nobody giving me any info. Is it all about finding out about all the symptoms yourself? I work in pharmacy so have a wee idea of what to look out for other that that have looked up myself.
Will keep you posted 😊

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