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2 years ago


Almost everyone with MS states they can not stand the heat; I have the opposite challenge. Only two days last year I did not wear long johns. If there is the slightest breeze I shiver & shake.

Anyways I am guessing you are not just taking a survey. Is there something specific we can help with?

2 years ago

Hi @jay47,

It’s difficult for me to say as always been pretty sweaty.
Only diagnosed last year but suspected symptoms since 2003.
I haven’t been able to exercise properly for about 2 years which definitely won’t help matters. Managed a run yesterday though and by the time I got home it looked like I’d been hosed down 😂

2 years ago

Well, I crave heat and am happiest in the Spanish sun, however, since being diagnosed last year my hot and cold regulator is totally up the spout. A bit like my temperament and emotions too, @jay47!

2 years ago

Temperature control and response to temperature are both affected in MS, not everyone but lots of folk.
Other thing is to get GP to check for infection, just in case, May have low grade infection.

2 years ago

I don’t have an overall temp problem. It is just my feet and only at night.
Even in winter I need a fan blowing on my feet. Sometimes I need to put cold face washers on them to get to sleep. Annoying.

2 years ago

@jay47 I can have either. I have lesiom damage on my hypothalamus, so the Neurologist thinks that due to that it affects the regulation of my temperature.

I use to get such cold feet, I would run them under warm water and pile on multiple socks. That luckily went away but went through quite a bad bout of that as well.

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