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I forgot what gives me strength

I text and talk with a lot of people dealing with MS & always tell them to focus on their life and values. They have MS don’t let it have them. Well, I didn’t listen to my own belief heading to a friends funeral. 95 degrees in Comanche, TX. I woke up and for the first time in years for the last few days before the funeral and all I thought first was heat and my Secondary Progressive MS.
I show up and walked out to the pasture for the funeral. Martha, Franks widow, had a chair sitting under one of the few trees for me. It was in the shade and then got onto me for walking in the heat. She, informed me that her house was turned down to 65 degrees so that I would be comfortable. She then got another friend, a retired Mustang Marine Major to order me, a retired Mustang Navy LT, to get into an air conditioned Kubota UTV and ride in it to the house after the funeral. They would get my Jeep.
The pastor opened the service and immediately explained from the day we are born we are all waiting on the day that God decides to bring us home to him. He told us to look around to each other. There are those of us that have health issues, disabilities, family and financial problems that we put ahead of the fact that we are here to love each other, be with each other. Our focus needs to be on living strong though faith, friendship, family and loving each other daily until we are called to be in heaven,.
OK, I got it. That has been my message to those I talk to with that focus on MS and that problem first. Very cute God. I ride to the house and she has a chair set up for me with a cooler of ice water.
I didn’t notice the heat and everything didn’t hit me until I got in my Jeep to drive home. I put on Pandora, Southern rock, for the drive home. The first song that came on was Greg Allman, “Just ain’t easy”. I started to get a little emotional. I started to turn on HWY 16 to go north and Government Mule’s song “Soul Shine” started to play. OK , I lost it but a great cry.
So, I’m back to my message and I thank God and Frank Smith for putting me back on track with my faith and belief of how we get through the negativity that surrounds us. There is nothing that should pull us away from the fact that we need to get up every day think of something positive and then get out of bed. No matter what challenges you have, you need to continue to look out for the positives and not in at your problems that you can’t control as you go about your day.

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11 months ago

Well said my friend. I believe God reaches down & gave you a hearty hug to let you know He is mindful of you! ❤️❤️❤️

11 months ago

We need God and his remembrance in our lives. Everything we face in life is designed and meticulously planned to show us who we really are. Thankful or disbelieving.
There was a lady with epilepsy who went to the final messenger of God peace be upon him and asked him to pray to God to cure her. He p.b.u.h replied ” I can if you want or if you endure this then you will enter paradise” She chose the later but asked the messenger to pray that she does not become uncovered when she has her fits and he did so.

This story very much inspires me. I want paradise too. This life is a temporary illusion , the day we meet our Lord we will think we only lived a day or part of a day.

11 months ago

I ‘m not religious but it’s great to remind ourselves that positivity is key. Thank you.x

11 months ago

Doug, almost 8 years living in the States is my monthly blog, try and start from the beginning as the emotions were high and I knew nothing, your beliefs I admire, me, well I live life simply, do unto others as you would have done to yourself and try to be kind and help your fellow man, now I am still the same, MS lives with me and I try to be my best. Take a read and good look Brother

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