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1 year ago

I read that 10000IU daily is even good for non MS-ers, but if you take more you probably should have a protocol doctor who watches over you.

1 year ago

I was told to take 4000IU a day.

1 year ago

I take 5000. Also, if you buy the Lindens brand off EBay it costs about a third what it does in the shops!

1 year ago

I only take 2 small tabs a day but I think I might get 5000 and take one a day? My consultant hasn’t said how much just to take vit d winter months no dosage but can it do harm? X

1 year ago

My neuro checks my blood every year, he prescribe 6,000 IU a day to keep it at a normal level. I notice that a lot of other things I take have D3 in them so I cut back to 4.000. I am nearly 65 and at that age to much can weaken your bones. I think taking over 10,000 IU daily can cause some health problems. Denice

I would recommend determine what level you want to be at in your blood test. If it’s lower then that add 1000-2000 more and if it’s higher scale back a bit. It will vary seasonally based on sun and diet My wife is targeting the upper end of the normal range.

1 year ago

I’ve read on the Barts blog that the optimum is 4,000iu, but because there’s no readily available capsule/pill in that formulation, 5,000iu is said to be absolutely fine. That was confirmed by my neuro, who wrote to my GP saying that 5,000iu was ‘appropriate for MS’. Whether that advice would stand for MSers outside the UK, I don’t know. Certainly in Britain, the whole population is said to be vitD deficient during the winter, but should – in theory – make up for it in the warmer months. I read somewhere that the safe upper limit is 11,000iu and over that will damage internal organs so probably you should only go above the 4,000-5,000iu following medical advice. But in any case, it would be wise to get the medical go-ahead before you decide on your dosage.

1 year ago

Thank you!!! For all of your comments. It seems most have been told the 5000, I was curious to see if others had been told the same as I did. Thank you again for your help

1 year ago

5000 is fine I’m sure. I take 4000IU a day, plus a calcium/Magnesium capsule
So far so good….

1 year ago

I only take 2,000 i.u’s but live in Sunny Qld so think that might be enough. My G.P. doesn’t have a clue about levels needed. I have to tell him what I know (not a lot). Does anybody know what the range is please?

Take care all


1 year ago

In the gray winter here I take 8-10k/day; once the sun comes back to us I drop it gradually down to 4/5k. And my levels keep testing as marginal or low. ??
Also two different docs have told me that D *must* be in gelcaps (i.e., suspended in oil); tablets are pretty much non bio-available…

1 year ago

Pat, what does your neuro say? My GP prescribed 5000 because that’s what my consultant recommended. Also, what did your most recent blood test show? (Hmm, just realised I still don’t have the result from mine)

2 months ago

I have been advised by 2 doctors (Neuro and OB/GYN -??) to take 2000IU’s daily. My OB/GYN tests me regularly because I have been know to drop in my levels. One time I was seeing an Alternative doc for my MS. He decided that I was very low in Vitamin D. So he gave me MAJOR injections of D every week for over a year. I could not move my bowels on my own for a year. Quit the injections and within a couple of months it was better. Now I just have IBS.

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